Mission statement

Empowering independent hoteliers


Bring knowledge and inovation to

every hotelier in the world

Core values

We serve our customers the way they serve their guests, exceptionally.

We are team players and shun the lone wolf

We always leave the world a little better than we found it

We take ownership and create impact

We are humble and eager to learn

From the beginning

It started in the Swiss Alps. Over a decade ago, our co-founder and CEO Alex and his family bought an independent hotel. Before opening, they wanted to modernize the back-of-house operations to maximize margins and, ideally, have more time to focus on guests.

What they hoped would be simple, turned into a saga of finding and vetting vendors, setting up complex tech, and frankestein-ing various solutions into one support system. It was an expensive and nightmarish process! It was clear to Alex, then, how easily a system failure could wreak havoc on reservations and profits for other hoteliers.

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year of foundation


users worldwide


Total funding

Where we are

Fast forward to today, the leadership team at Amenitiz has merged their years of expertise in hospitality, ecommerce and software to build a better way to manage properties in the digital world.

There are over half million independent hotels, B&Bs and cottages in Europe alone. The market potential is huge and it’s sorely undeserved. Owners choose between antiquated pen and paper processes or repurposing tools that don’t solve their needs, because current industry-specific solutions are cripplingly expensive.

Who backed our mission

Come and join the adventure

We created Amenitiz because we believe technology is the key to making success and profitability accessible to every hotelier in the world – whether they are in the heart of Paris or in the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia.

Our mission is to empower the independent hoteliers through an all-in-one platform to help owners grow and manage their vacation properties by making attracting guests, managing bookings and crafting exceptional experiences, simple and easy. We invite you to be part of our growing community and help us redefine the future of online hospitality together.

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