Discover the power of a CRS for a hotel: a comprehensive guide for hoteliers


As a hotelier, managing your hotel’s operations can be daunting, especially when it comes to managing reservations. That’s where CRS for hotels comes in. A central reservation system (CRS) is a tool that helps hotels manage their reservations, distribution channels, and revenue. In this article, we’ll discuss what CRS is, how it works, and its […]

Health and Safety in the Hotel Industry – An Essential Guide

Did you know that the total costs of accidents in the workplace are close to 4% of the Global Domestic Product (GDP)? Because of ineffective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) protocols, the global economy spends more than $3 trillion to cover workplace hazards injuries. The hospitality industry has a potential for multiple hazards, and hoteliers […]

6 Need-to-knows of Hotel Revenue Management


Hotel Revenue Management is a practice as essential to running a hotel as keeping a collection of rooms, beds and keycards. It is to hospitality what trainers are to long-distance running. The only problem is – when was the last time you had the make-up of a trainer laid out to you? Do you know […]

Hotel Revenue Management Strategies within the Industry


For many independent hotel managers or owners hotel revenue management or yield management is somewhere between Pandora’s Box and Aladdin’s Cave. It is the grail of the hospitality industry – the hotel business – but not quite as straightforward as a lot of people imagine it should be. Sure, there are bound to be wonders […]

How to use digitalisation to combat labour shortage in the hotel industry

As you likely know better than anyone, the hotel industry is facing a major labour shortage. The French newspaper Le Point has revealed that in the 2022 summer season, the hotel and restaurant industry expect to come up approximately 250,000 short which could lead to some establishments doing the unthinkable and closing their doors for […]

What are KPIs in the hotel industry?

The hotel industry is arguably one of the most unpredictable industries in the world today. The massive industry comprising the food & beverage sector, travel and tourism, lodgings, and accommodations and recreational facilities employs a substantial percentage of the global population and directly and indirectly contributes a significant percentage of the global economy. To counter […]

All you need to know about ADR in hotel industry

Running a hotel requires paying attention to the daily expenses and revenue of your hotel business. The average daily rate of a hotel can help you keep track of your general performance.  The ADR is a metric used to measure the average revenue a hotel gets daily from each of their rooms when occupied. This […]

Revenue management: what it is and how it works

Revenue management is the act of using statistics and operational data to enable hoteliers to forecast their guests’ behavior. The information helps one to make informed judgments about pricing and distribution methods. The primary aim of revenue management is to have the room available for the proper person at the right time and location. You […]

The 9 current trends in the hotel industry

In recent years, the hospitality industry has been gradually changing and improving in all aspects, including food, service delivery, and hotel structures. With the increased growth and change in hospitality trends, hotels need to adopt new trends to eliminate or reduce competition and attract more customers. Technology and climate change have played a vital role […]

4 main distribution channels in hotel industry

Hotel distribution strategy is a policy of issuing out hotel rooms via different channels with the aim of maximising the profits. When settling for a distribution channel, you may decide how to bring more revenue to the hotel. There are numerous ways to distribute your service within the hotel industry and identify which hotel channels […]

3 Essential Hotel Management Software Features

Within the hospitality industry, technology continues to play an important role for hoteliers. Without a doubt, hotel management software has made transformative impacts, especially in improving how businesses operate. In hotel software however, there is often a misconception that one-size-fits-all. Different hotels have different needs based on multiple factors such as geography and property size. […]

Hotel booking software: A guide to choosing the right program

In the hotel business, going digital is essential. But how should you do it? Where should you start? We are well aware that this transition brings a lot of questions and we are here to help you with them. Most hotel owners start by putting their business on online booking platforms. These platforms, often called […]

The effects of seasonality on the hotel industry

The hotel business is a sector that operates in annual cycles that are punctuated by the seasons. Generally, the months of November to March are off-peak periods for hoteliers. Between June and the end of August, attendance is at its peak, it is the high season. Seasonal downturns are experienced by everyone involved in the […]

Diversify its sources of revenue in the hotel business

As a source of additional income for hoteliers, the sale of additional products and services is a practice that is increasingly used in the hotel industry. The objective is to offer travellers paid services to improve their stay in order to increase the average ticket price. However, you should not charge for all services, as […]

Digitalisation, the future of the hotel industry

Digitalisation? Yeah like most independent hoteliers you know what it is and how important it is, but you haven’t gotten to it yet. You rather spend time with your guest right? after all this is why you decided to become an hoteliers in the first place, not because you always loved sitting behind a desk […]