Hotel Owners: how to get listed on Google Hotel?


The American giant comes to our aid once again. Today we are talking about Google Hotels, the Google feature that helps hoteliers to be visible on its search engine. This is a portentous tool that can really triple the number of direct bookings. How? Read the article to find out how to register and all […]

5 Best Smartphone Practices For Independent Hoteliers

Smartphones have come to play a fundamental role in our lives. If you’re not Googling, reserving and shopping by tapping a glass rectangle it’s very possible you’re from the past. Or another planet. Or both. The latest generation of adults is finding love and having pizza delivered with the help of a few taps and […]

Introducing SmartPricing by Amenitiz


We at Amenitiz are proud to present your newest essential tool. With SmartPricing by Amenitiz, knowing the optimum price at which to sell your rooms is about to get easier. Meet every hotelier’s new tech partner. Its aim is to take a load off you when it comes to the complex business of developing a […]

10 Ways to Avoid the Brunt of the Energy Crisis this Winter

With the war in Ukraine nearly two thirds of a year old and winter coming it’s high time we each took an inventory of the imminent pragmatic consequences we can expect for us and ours.  The effects of the ongoing conflict will continue to have far-reaching consequences for us all – I’ll bet you’re feeling […]

What you missed in the latest Airbnb update that will impact you

Everyone should have already heard about the latest big update from Airbnb but almost no one seems to have caught the subtext, already in full swing, that might really work against hoteliers! What is it?  Well there is a good chance that the title on your Airbnb card has changed and you didn’t even notice! […]

Types of hotel guests and their needs

Hospitality is one of the industries experiencing noticeable growth globally. Think of that five-star hotel you enjoy spending your holidays and meeting at. What keeps you returning to the same hotel? What do they have that you cannot find elsewhere? This article explores various types of hotel guests and their various needs. What are the […]

Difference between hotel, motel, and resort

The hospitality field has been experiencing expeditious growth over the past decade. This investment opportunity has attracted different players in the industry like hotels, motels, and resort owners. Understanding the differences between hotels and motels can help you make the right investment decision while targeting specific customers on the market.  This article may help you […]

How to measure the profitability of your hotel

The capability of the business to bring about more revenue from its operations is its profitability. Hotels, just like other organisations, carry out their business operations to generate revenue that may enable them to continue running their daily activities. Understanding how to measure and interpret your business profitability can be essential to achieving the primary […]

The main differences between cross-selling and upselling

It might be more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain already existing ones. What is more? A loyal client will buy from you more frequently than a new prospect. This is especially so in the hotel industry. People tend to stick to hotels and hotel managers they trust and whom they’ve had satisfactory […]

Everything you need to know about a Hotel PMS

A hotel PMS, property management system, is a software that assists hotels in scheduling, managing, and organising their day-to-day operations efficiently. Through the software, small and independent hotels and groups can handle front office workflow, guest check-in and check-out, booking, room assignment to guests, billing, and housekeeping tasks delegation. A hotel PMS is a vital […]

7 common tips to ensure the highest hotel quality

Hotels encounter constantly changing customer preferences, expectations, and behaviors. Businesses capable of delivering excellent hotel quality and creating memorable experiences via personal touches, special amenities, and outstanding customer service are rewarded with word-of-mouth referrals, repeat business and constructive social media reviews. Service is king in the hotel and hospitality industry. Therefore, every hotelier is familiar […]

Revenue management: what it is and how it works

Revenue management is the act of using statistics and operational data to enable hoteliers to forecast their guests’ behavior. The information helps one to make informed judgments about pricing and distribution methods. The primary aim of revenue management is to have the room available for the proper person at the right time and location. You […]

8 steps to improve guest experience in your hotel

The guest experience your customers get in your hotel might affect your income and the image of your hotel. Therefore, providing an excellent hotel customer experience in your hotel may be both a marketing and a profit-generating strategy. With an increased growth in the hotel industry, hotel owners may devise new tactics to ensure customers […]

What is RevPAR in a hotel and how is it calculated?


In this article we’re going to try to give you an accurate picture of why RevPAR is such a crucial formula to get familiar with and to put to use if you want to optimise your data to fill rooms. It’s one of the most important KPIs there is to know and hopefully in this […]

How to Create an Online Booking System in 4 Steps

If you’re trying to scale the heights of the hospitality industry, consider adopting intelligent tools that will ease your daily tasks and generate revenue at the same time. One tool for instance, is an online hotel booking system – a technological tool that can easily capture and process direct online bookings. It is your ticket […]

3 Essential Hotel Management Software Features

Within the hospitality industry, technology continues to play an important role for hoteliers. Without a doubt, hotel management software has made transformative impacts, especially in improving how businesses operate. In hotel software however, there is often a misconception that one-size-fits-all. Different hotels have different needs based on multiple factors such as geography and property size. […]

AmenitizPay: prioritise your time with customers by automating the payments

If you are willing to centralise all your clients payments, no need to look any further as Amenitiz just launched a brand new feature, AmenitizPay. This digital tool allows you to spend less time worrying about your finances so you can prioritise your time to help your clients. The need and use of a payment […]

Hotel booking software : The guide to choosing the right program

Today’s article is for cottage owners. Cottages are fantastic places for tourists to stay and are becoming ever-more present in Europe and across the world. The offer has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and now all kinds of travellers can find their perfect cottage, with stays in high-end, rural or green cottages for a […]