How to Run a Bed and Breakfast: Essential Tips for Bed and Breakfast Owners


As a bed and breakfast owner, you’re not just providing a place to sleep and eat – you’re creating an experience for your guests. Running a successful bed and breakfast requires careful planning, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. If you are wondering how to run a bed and breakfast this is the right spot.  In […]

What are boutique hotels?

Do you have a quirky building sitting around idly waiting for you to get inspiration? Ever wish you had a hotel that is small enough to feel homey, but with an excellent service that can rival a five-star hotel? Investing in a boutique hotel allows you to attract revellers looking for unique hotel designs, personalized […]

What are Smart Hotels?

The use of modern technology in the hotel industry has revolutionized hotel operations and guest experiences. As hoteliers understand the shifting needs of the current market, they are exploiting technology to create smart hotels that meet the needs of a technology-hungry market with high digital needs. Smart hotel technology has enabled hoteliers to streamline hotel […]

Hospitality : France part 2

The imperatives to be known 1. France is the most visited country in the world France is currently the most visited country in the world, reaching a record 90 million international tourists in 2018. 2. Domestic tourism accounts for 70% of tourism in France France certainly attracts foreign tourists, but it is also a successful […]

Hospitality : France part 1

The “customer is king” – this motto is truer than ever in the hotel industry. The high level of competition and the multiplication of offers oblige professionals to always remain attentive to the needs of travellers. It is essential to know what irritates these travellers and what are the imperatives that should not be overlooked. […]

Why is Guadeloupe an increasingly popular destination for international and french tourism?

The overseas territories and departments are considered one of the world’s favorite destinations. However, Guadeloupe has been doing well for 5 years now, becoming a very popular destinations for french and international tourists. Geographical location and climate : Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea in the West Indies, Guadeloupe is 7000km from the […]

The most unusual hotels in the world

More than a hotel, an experience! More and more hotels want to offer their guests a unique experience. These are the most unusual hotels in the world. In these hotels you won’t spend just one night, it’s a real concept that will be sold to you! Here is the 2019 selection of the 20 most […]

The effects of seasonality on the hotel industry

The hotel business is a sector that operates in annual cycles that are punctuated by the seasons. Generally, the months of November to March are off-peak periods for hoteliers. Between June and the end of August, attendance is at its peak, it is the high season. Seasonal downturns are experienced by everyone involved in the […]

Entering the hotel business : opening an establishment

As the leading tourist destination, France welcomes more than 80 million travellers a year. This trend is benefiting the hotel sector, as the hotel occupancy rate has been steadily increasing over the years. This is why some individuals decide to go into the hotel business by opening an establishment. Although this project requires a large […]

Guide to the labels of the cottage and guest rooms

When opening a g�te or B&B, the owner can label his establishment. This procedure is not compulsory, it is at the owner’s discretion. Today, there are more than fifteen different labels in France. Each label has its own characteristics and requires compliance with precise specifications. Faced with the multitude of labels, the owner can find […]

Tips for opening a bed and breakfast

Based on welcome and exchange, guest rooms are a type of accommodation appreciated by travelers wishing to meet locals during their stay. This activity is a beautiful project in which many owners are embarking on, wishing to share with travelers from all walks of life. In addition, it represents a complementary source of income. However, […]