To do or not to do – that is the hotel breakfast question

When you take away all the trimmings – put showers where the two person jacuzzis are and regular beds where there would have been four-posters – the breakfast – and particularly the breakfast buffet – might be the only thing that makes a hotel-stay truly exclusive to a regular day in the life. Think about […]

Types of hotel guests and their needs

Hospitality is one of the industries experiencing noticeable growth globally. Think of that five-star hotel you enjoy spending your holidays and meeting at. What keeps you returning to the same hotel? What do they have that you cannot find elsewhere? This article explores various types of hotel guests and their various needs. What are the […]

What are Smart Hotels?

The use of modern technology in the hotel industry has revolutionized hotel operations and guest experiences. As hoteliers understand the shifting needs of the current market, they are exploiting technology to create smart hotels that meet the needs of a technology-hungry market with high digital needs. Smart hotel technology has enabled hoteliers to streamline hotel […]

4 unique properties of innovative hotels

Service innovation in the hospitality industry has continuously maintained its status as the backbone of the hotel industry. This is primarily because of hotels’ desire to remain relevant and excite their guests with revolutionary services and products geared towards creating exceptional guest experiences. For your inspiration, we have compiled a list of hotel innovations that […]

Wellness tourism: all about this new trend

Wellness tourism is traveling to maintain or improve a person’s health through spiritual, physical, and psychological activities. Some tourists may take part in well-being related activities as part of a journey, whereas others travel just for wellness. According to tourism proponents, vacations boost physical well-being, happiness, and productivity by bringing new perspectives to travelers and […]

The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #10 – August 2020

Summer is almost over! We took advantage of the month of August to prepare a few surprises in order to prepare for the return form the summer holidays. Here’s what’s new: Download Amenitiz app! Go to the App Store or Play Store and download our new app! Be aware of important updates thanks to instant […]

The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #9 – July 2020

We’re back!   As we explained in our last Tech Newsletter, the Amenitiz team has been working tirelessly since March to bring you some great improvements! Over the past few months we have been working on several projects that are now available on the platform: Amenitiz from your smartphone Create manual booking from your smartphone Whether […]