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Bed and Breakfast : how to take advantage of low seasons ?

5 Nov, 2019

While October is coming to an end, the low season is starting for many Chambres d’hotes. Contrary to hotels the Chambres d’hotes don’t have frequent tourist customers. The Chambres d’hotes are exclusively occupied in vacation periods mainly by travelling families. So, if you’re not located in the mountains or if you’re not in a zone that could potentially benefit from the winter season you might end up with little to no customers.

Nonetheless, this period shouldn’t be viewed as a dead season where your productivity declines. It should be the opposite!

A moment to improve your service design preparing you for the upcoming high season

During that period, you must concentrate on 3 processes essential to a well-performing Chamber d’Hotes.

The 3 processes are :

à Work on the visibility and attractivity of your product.

à Review “The list” of services

à Focus on the team responsible of the mise en place for the high season.

Increase your visibility and attractivity online

Start by having a modern, simple and quick website with all the important functionalities such as direct booking engine, important information about location and contacts.

Constantly work on optimizing your SEO

Increase your presence online by selling your product on several OTAs

Increase your presence online by having more activity on social media such as: posting pictures, statuses, shedding light on your events and competitions, etc.

Manage your e-reputation and your client’s reviews.

Review the list of services

During that period try to take advantage of time so you can analyze your impressions compared to your client’s opinions according to their past experiences.

Focus on targeted promotional offers: Special offers that promote your product as well as your complimentary services, usually labelled as “Packages”.

Offer the possibility to have all-inclusive themed trips.

Focus on the team for the high season

Still, in the spirit of management, the low season is an opportunity for hospitality businesses to improve and manage their hiring process. A good service relies on a good team. A solid team with the right qualifications made up of the right amount of staff.

To increase your numbers and to become an actor in the education of students, you must consider internships:

  • Hiring interns during summer
  • Hiring more people in the operations department?New knowledge and competencies are brought to new projects.
  • Supports and is flexible in daily tasks.
  • Diverse in their activities.

Requirements for interns: availability, open-mindedness, positive and welcoming.

Tasks that could be assigned to them: Front office, Kitchen, Maintenance, managing inventories, purchasing, marketing and social media management.

In conclusion :

The low season is far from being a dead season for Chambres D’hotes. It’s a key moment to reorganize one’s business in order to perform better in the upcoming high seasons.

5 Nov, 2019