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French hotels facing major upcoming sporting events

26 Nov, 2019

Paris has long been the leading tourist destination in the world. Even if this area is facing a rough competition, France is still hosting more and more tourists each year. The increase of tourist accommodation supply could be interpreted as a symbol.

In addition to its global appeal already well defined, France will witness its number of visits increase. Related to the two sports events that will be hosted the upcoming years: The Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

Some numbers

According to a pre-visionary study of the Confederation of Tourism Actors published in June 2018, the numbers are as follows:

• For foreign fans: 445,000 are expected between September and October 2023

• + 15 to 20 million additional foreign tourists expected in France.

• + 120 nights a year; this is the maximum number of rental nights allowed per year for individuals via Airbnb type platforms.

• A budgetary impact of 2.4 billion euros for the Rugby World Cup 2023.4

A partnership that is already controversial amongst hoteliers

This Wednesday, November 20, many hoteliers gathered in Congress, announced their withdrawal from the participation of the OG 2024. This reaction was due to the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that chose Airbnb as official Games partner.

For French hoteliers that saw the games as an opportunity to improve their performances and numbers, considered this act as unfair, feeling like the committee isn’t letting them “eat”. Many hoteliers share the same opinion on this subject.

The city of Paris has clearly explained its disagreement with this news, as it is attacking this American platform for putting up 1000 unregistered homes.

What to do and what not to do when you are a hotel?

These periods are often important moments in the life of hotels. And hoteliers who see their occupancy increase, often take advantage of the situation to increase their rates.

While it’s completely legitimate to do so, it entails risks due to private rentals, which are often lower. So, you must consider beforehand. Do not offer very high prices and bet on the supply of the French market.

Often tourists are always taking part in the competition and for many, it is their first trip to France. Who says France says reputation: French service, class, sense of service, … it is important to positively impact the stay of these travellers who might become recurring travellers.

Take part in the competition: in this type of international competition, the atmosphere is a major element. The entire host country must take part in the competition (For example the World Cup in Brazil). The hotels must invest in their decor, broadcast the games and have multilingual employees.

These major sporting events are an opportunity for French hoteliers to fortify their reputation across a large international audience.

26 Nov, 2019