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Hospitality : France part 2

5 Dec, 2019

The imperatives to be known

1. France is the most visited country in the world

France is currently the most visited country in the world, reaching a record 90 million international tourists in 2018.

2. Domestic tourism accounts for 70% of tourism in France

France certainly attracts foreign tourists, but it is also a successful destination for locals. The French represent the largest share of tourism in France: 70%.

There are obvious social and economic reasons for this. Indeed, the decline in the purchasing power of the French has favoured the multiplication of low-cost accommodation offers such as bed and breakfast, gites, camping… And thus holidays in the area for many working-class households.

But it can also be explained by the very supply of the territory. Offers a variety of landscapes and activities. In addition, easy access to transport is a real asset for tourism.

3. 21% of travel bookings are made via a mobile phone

Currently, approximately 21% of online travel bookings made for accommodation in France are made by mobile phone.

It is therefore now an imperative for French hoteliers to have a responsive website (that adapts to all types of screens). And to equip it with a technologically high-performance booking engine.

Travellers should be able to view the hotel’s website (first window, first link with the customer), and make a reservation in three clicks.  

4. International tourism receipts in France reached 53.7 billion euros in 2017

After the United States and Spain, France is the third most important destination in the world in terms of international tourism revenue. In 2017, these reached 53.7 billion euros. The tourism sector is therefore a pillar of the French economy and plays an important role in its GDP.

The objectives of France

Proud of its position as the world’s leading destination, France does not intend to stop there! Its recent title of World Football Champion (2018) and its role as host country in the next major world sports competitions: Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the 2024 Olympic Games, forces France to raise its ambitions.

Indeed, the government wants to attract even more foreign tourists for the coming years with a target of 100 million by 2020, i.e. a growth of +8%.

To achieve these goals the idea is simple: connect the sports ticket offices to the country’s tourist offers. When a person takes their tickets for the 2024 Olympics or Rugby World Cup, they will be offered a package with accommodation and places for sightseeing.

These events will be the ambassadors of a new France for world tourism. They will give the country high visibility and thus promote world tourism.

During an interview in Paris in July 2018, Jean-Yves Le Drian, current Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, concluded on the link between tourism and major sporting events: “We must anticipate how these major events will enable us to increase the attractiveness of the destination and thus achieve the objective set for 2020.

5 Dec, 2019