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How does a traveller select his accommodation for his holidays?

30 Apr, 2019

The development of distribution channels has multiplied the means of booking a hotel. Today, it is now possible for a traveller to book an establishment online on different platforms. However, landlords are not mentalists, it is difficult for them to identify the factors influencing the reservation of an accommodation. As a hotelier, it is interesting for you to understand the way travellers think when selecting their establishment. Indeed, this will allow you to adjust your marketing actions according to the traveller’s behaviour.

The traveller looks for available accommodation 

Once the destination has been chosen, the traveller will start looking for available rooms. Research can be done in different ways. The traveller will seek the opinion of those around him. He will also consult external sources, most often on the Internet. Indeed, the traveler will first type keywords on Google and then consult online travel agencies (Booking, Expedia…). According to a study conducted by Google, 52% of travellers consult an establishment’s website after finding it on booking sites. Following this step, the traveller draws up a list of potential accommodation options that he or she is likely to choose. Being on this list is therefore your primary goal.

It is essential for you, owners of gîtes, hotels or apartments, to be visible and not to be drowned among your competitors. Thus, make sure to take care of the referencing of your website. To receive advice on how to reference your site, please click here.

The traveller compares the different offers 

It’s time for the traveller to compare the different possibilities. To do this, he will read the notices written by other travellers, but also consult the accommodation websites. So it is essential for you to stand out from your competitors. We give you some tips on how to stand out from the crowd:

• Create your own website to have direct contact with your customers

• Having a responsive site = that adapts to all platforms (tablets, phones…). In fact, 69% of travellers start their search for accommodation using their smartphone.

• Highlight the reservation buttons that cause the “call to action”.

• Use visuals instead of long texts to attract the traveller’s attention.

• Indicate all available equipment

The traveller books a room in the chosen establishment

Traveller is ready to book. The level of intent to purchase is very high, so this is your last chance to convince the traveller to book at your establishment. It is therefore essential to make the booking process as simple as possible. For this, we advise you to integrate a reservation software into your site. With this tool, you simplify the way you book for your travellers and it allows you to connect with them by retrieving their data directly. This makes the exchange of information with your travellers quick and easy.

In order to convince travellers to book directly on your site, guarantee that this is where they will get the best price, this will facilitate the booking process. Indeed 42% of French people are frustrated at the idea of having to spend hours to find the best offer before booking according to the survey conducted by Travelport. This study analyzes the behavior of travelers in the digital age, feel free to take a look at it to understand the current trends.

As you can see, digitization has shaken up the booking methods of travellers who now prefer to book online. The development of different media, namely smartphones, tablets, to contribute to this trend. Travellers can search and book a room with just a few clicks at any time. It is therefore necessary for you, hoteliers, to take these developments into account. Amenitiz helps you stay connected to the latest trends through the newsletter, don’t hesitate to subscribe.

30 Apr, 2019