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Tech update #1 – june 2018

30 Jun, 2018

The Amenitiz Tech team has been hard at work during the month of June, in this article you will find out about all the new and improved tools !

New features


1. Direct payment via stripe

Many of you have requested this integration and we are happy to comply!

With the direct payment app you can now let your guest pay directly during the booking process instead of receiving the credit card information.

You can also decide if you would like to take 100% of the money at the time of the booking, some at booking and some just before the guest arrives or everything just before the guest arrived. You can play with the percentages and really tailor the app to your need !

Please keep in mind that by setting up a Stripe account, they will apply a commission on each payment of 1,4% and 0,25€. We, at Amenitiz, decided, unlike many of our competitors not to add another fee on top of that!

2. Specific pricing based on number of guests

If you want to apply a different pricing based on the number of guests who will stay in your rooms, well this is your lucky day as this is also one of the features that have been finalised during the month of June !

Directly from your room page you can now activate the option and set a price variation for each number of occupants. Please note that this price variation will only be applied to the booking engine, but are not currently sent to the channel manager, but in most cases this type of restrictions can be applied directly from the OTAs themselves.

3. Pricing type restrictions improvement

Pricing types have been getting a lot of our attention during the month of June with not one but two major updates !

A. More control

We have added a whole batch of restrictions you can now apply upon your pricing here is the list:

  • Restrict via a Promo-Code
  • Restrict via arrival days
  • Restrict with a min stay
  • Restrict with a max stay


b. Free nights

If instead of offering a global discount on the stay you would rather offer a percentage discount or a full night off if the guest is staying longer that a certain number of days this is now also possible, and with a wide range of options to make sure you can create just what you want.

You can now:

– Offer a full night or a percentage after a certain amount of night has been booked

– Choose to repeat this discount or not ie: You decided to offer a night off if your guest stays at least 7 nights, if he decides to stay 14 nights should he get two nights off or not?

– Choose on which night this discount is offered:

  • The least expensive
  • The most expensive
  • The seventh night

Please note that pricing with free nights will not be sent to OTAs as they don’t support this kind of restrictions

Time to go nuts !!


4. A lot of new designs for the builder

Did you think we would forget about the builder ?

We have added so many designs that you won’t know what to choose anymore, here is a very non exhaustive list of what we added in June:

  • 6 text + image templates
  • 7 room presentations
  • 3 models of contact block
  • 3 new headers
  • 2 models of text blocks


5. Conversion-optimised template

We have developed 8 super cool templates that you can use for your hotel or just get some inspiration from ! You can all find them here.

That’s all for now, but rest assured we have a lot of cool new updated coming in July! (Spoiler alert: adding YouTube videos to your website might be one of them ;))

30 Jun, 2018