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Tech Update #3 – August 2018

1 Aug, 2018

August has been a really warm month here in Barcelona, but nothing is going to stop us from delivering our customers with lots of shiny new content. without further ado here are the updates to Amenitiz

New design

1.New look & feel

Let’s start with the most obvious update, our back-end has been completely redesigned from top to bottom with a big focus on readability and ease of use. Bigger buttons, easier to read tables and usage of more Icons are but a few of the improvements !

2. Picture gallery

We’ve been working on this one for a while and we’re really happy about the result.

It’s a new block type, meaning you can add it to any page you would like, either creating a gallery page with all your photos or splitting it in multiple smaller sections like some of our clients have been doing. You can see it live here !

3. New date-picker design

Our new date-picker has a sleeker design and let your guest pick an arrival date and departure date in one click, it also takes into account your room availabilities or min-stay and won’t let potential guest select dates for which you are fully booked, saving them the disappointment !

4. New map colours

The first design we picked might have been a little too grey and minimalist for some of our clients, we have just added a new one :

New features

1. Custom amenities

When we launched amenities, we put together a list of 30-35 amenities that we thought would fit for most hotels and figured that if hotels needed more we could add them later on a case per case basis. I have to admit we have deeply underestimated how hotels are trying to differentiate themselves by adding cool amenities to their rooms, from biological shampoo to Yoga mats we have had a lot of requests. As always, we try to give our users as much control and freedom as we can and this is why we have decided to let them create as many new amenities as they want for each property. We have been really happy about users reactions so far !

2. Bookings export

If like me, you are a big fan of Excel you are going to enjoy our next feature. You can now export all the information about your reservations into one excel file which can then be used for newsletters or statistics purposes if you want!

3. Six new languages for your website

Our websites and booking engines have been translated into 6 more languages on top of the existing three (French, English and Spanish)

Please bear in mind that only text generated by Amenitiz has been translated and that when you activate a new language you will need to translate all the text you generated yourself (room description, text on your pages…)

If there are any important languages you feel we’re missing, just reach out to us and we’ll discuss it!

4. Submenus

We have completely refactored the way we think about headers and footer menus. It used to simply be all the active pages of your website put in the order of your choice with very little control over what you could do. Say hello to menu 2.0 allowing you to:

Create your own menus

Create submenus for each menu item

Link each item to pages or even individual rooms

Link an item to a URL of your choice

Anything else you would like to be able to do ? Let us know .

5. Stripe second payement date

For those of you who use our Stripe integration for direct payments you can now choose when you want the second part of the guest payment. We feel that forcing the second payment on the day before arrival was somewhat too limiting for our users and you have now complete freedom !

6. Offline mode

If for some reason you might want to put your website offline for a while, we now offer an option just for that. You can keep using the website builder even if your website is offline!

New apps

Two new apps are available from our app sections this month:

  • Customer Alliance
  • Hotel Price Explorer

If you are already a client of one of those two services you can already add them to your website, if you aren’t, but you are interested contact us and we’ll put you in touch!

That’s all for the month of August, stay in touch for more updates next month!

1 Aug, 2018