Tech update #4 – sept / oct / nov 2018

5 Dec, 2018

The past 3 months have been quite thrilling here at Amenitiz! Our team increased in size, our working pace almost doubled, and the news and updates we have for you are no less exciting!

New looks

1. Redesigning of the mobile version

If you’re one of those people who prefers to check your admin directly from your phone, our tech team really came through for you! The mobile version has been completely redesigned to increase its functionality, appeal and ease of use.


2. Redesigning of the booking engine

Not only we have redesigned the booking engine, but we have removed one step from it. This might seem like a little adjustment, but trust us…it’s going to do wonders in terms of conversions!


3. Redesigning of the models selector

Do you like redesigning your website often and trying out our monthly models updates? Well, it has just got a lot easier to switch between them. Besides, you’ll have a little description right below the title to give you an idea of what the model will look like.


New features

1. Otas markup percentages

It is now possible to have different mark-up percentages for each specific OTA, in order to more carefully tailor your strategy around their commission rates.


2. Close bookings from a certain time

Are you worried about getting a last-minute reservation you’re not prepared for? We got you covered! ?

This new feature allows you to set a time limit for the day, after which you will not receive any more bookings, starting from the specified time. Do you want to stop the bookings up to a few days before? That is also possible! Let’s consider the example below:


3. Notifications

Do you want to make sure you won’t miss out on anything? Our new ‘notifications’ tab will let you keep track of all the movements happening within your account.