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Tech update #5 – jan / feb / mar

15 Aug, 2019

The last three months have been full of new innovations at Amenitiz. New tools and new designs! Find out now the new features which are going to simplify the management of your property.

Say hello to our latest tool!

Many of you asked for a more detailed planning, a way to see what’s happening in each of your rooms at a glance, and once again our team is happy to deliver. Our design team has been hard at work on how to display a maximum of information while also retaining the ease of use and great user experience Amenitiz is known for, and I have to say, we’re really happy about the result!

Important note: What was formerly known as “planning” has been renamed “inventory”, to make room for this new tool.

1. See everything at a glance

The new schedule allows you to get a better overview of the bookings. From now, you can get all the information related to the current state of your rooms. At a glance, you can check:

The number of occupants in a room

Their name(s)

Their arrival and departure dates

From which website they booked

The status of their booking (paid/pending)


2. A better overview of the current situation of your hotel

Thanks to the new planning, you now have quick access to the arrivals and departures of the day, in just a few clicks, you can organize the check-in and the check-out of your clients.

The new schedule is also accessible via your smartphone, giving you access to the same level of information on the go!

New admin features

1. Global search bar

The search bar is the missing link unifying all the features we’ve been building in the past few months. We’ve added a lot, invoicing, client’s data, payments registration but we always felt navigating to get the information was not as quick and as easy as we wanted it to me.

With the global search bar you now have access to all the information of your account in just a couple of clicks, start typing the name of one of your clients and you’ll easily be able to access all the bookings, invoices and payments linked to his account, and that’s just one of the many uses you’ll enjoy !

2. Dates of stay updates

Up until now, when you wanted to change the date of stay of one of your bookings, you had to cancel the booking and create a new one. This was not very practical, and we had been wanting to change this for a while. Added bonus: the price and the dates will be updated automatically.

3. A simplified manual booking

Time is precious for you. That is why we’re working on new features to save your time. The new option, “existing client”, allows you to retrieve all the information about a former traveller. Select the client name and all his information will be added automatically to the booking.

New designs for your website

1. Use your own font

Do you really like your custom font and wish you could use it everywhere? Wish no more, you can now add your own fonts to our website-builder.

2. A new column templates

Check out the new templates below. New design of column with overlapping but also color filters! Include it now on your website.

And it’s a wrap on all the new features, tune in next months to see the exciting things we’re currently building!

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15 Aug, 2019