The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #11 – October 2020

2 Nov, 2020

Dear clients, we are back with lots of updates!

During the months of September and October, we worked on our website and our platform. Here are the latest news:

Clean up your client files!

If you’ve been wanting to tidy up your client files, now is the time!

It is now possible to delete client files from your database of clients. A client can only be deleted if there’s nothing linked to it: no bookings or invoices.

And you can also merge clients! Made a mistake and created 2 clients? No problem: merge your clients together and choose which data you want to keep.

Reopen your room on your calendar for multiple days

You have blocked your calendar for a long period of time and now want to reopen the room?

You now can! Just click on your calendar, choose the dates you want to reopen and select “Available”. This will set the status of your room to available for the chosen dates!

Add sales terms and conditions to your website

You can now add, on top of your privacy policy and your pricing sales terms, terms and conditions of sale.

To do that, go into your settings, where you will be able to your general terms of sale in all the languages you have activated. Once that’s done, your terms will appear on your booking engine, when your guests confirm their booking!

We have also updated our website

Our homepage is now clearer and more attractive!

We have also added a page dedicated to the rates we offer. If you know of any properties that might be interested in our service, this page will be a great help to them!

Finally, we now share testimonials from our volunteer clients on our site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate, we would be delighted to hear from you!