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The amenitiz tech newsletter #6 – january 2020

9 Jan, 2020

To celebrate the beginning of this new year, the Amenitiz team is starting strong with the releases of a lot of new features for an ever-improving product.

A more intuitive PMS, an improved administration page and new reports are on the agenda for today.

A more intuitive pms

Following your numerous feedback, our development team has worked on improving the usability of the calendar. It is now possible to have either a weekly or a month view of your PMS.

Always with the goal of getting a quick access to the information that is most important to you, it is now possible to get a summary of your booking simply by hovering over the booking on your calendar view.

Finally, you can personnalise the name of your rooms without having to go through support.

An even more powerful administration page

Design and features

Your administration page got a make over. Our team has worked on creating an interface that is more intuitive, modern and user friendly.

All the tables in the interface are now standardised and new features in the form of an action bar at the bottom are available.

A page dedicated to those of you who have multiple properties has been created. You can now switch between your properties and their different modules really easily.

For a complete control over your administration page, you can now define access rights for different users.

Additionally, you can now create a client without creating a booking and thus create a client database that does not rely on your bookings.

We’ve also allowed you to save time and made your life easier by automatically emailing you all your invoices.

Helping you out with the management of your hotel is also about helping your management your customer relationship. That’s why we’re presenting to you the ability to customise the message your guests see if they try to make a booking after the hour limit.

If you don’t want to receive bookings for the same day or after a certain hour, you can simply block bookings, and inform your guests about it with a friendly message

Management and new tools

The tech team at Amenitiz looked into the optimisation and development of your reports. Indispensable to manage and track your client base, the reports are now accessible by category. You can download a report for your arrivals and departures for a day, get your invoices on a specific period and see your registered payements as well as the payment methods in one clic.

Another change that we made according to your feedback was the addition of a “Amount Due” column in the unpaid bookings report. The addition of this column guarantees a complete view of your payment situation.

Amenitiz keeps on accompanying you in the management of your hotel by providing you with efficient digital solutions. You can now include in the daily email for your team the housekeeping schedule. It will also be available for download in the reports interface.

Amenitiz keeps on working to create the most efficient digital solution for you. We have added Headway in your administration panel so that you can be updated on the new features. It is accessible by clicking on the colorful number at the right side of the Amenitiz logo.

The digital and hospitality world are constantly evolving. Conscious of this evolution and of your needs, we strive every day to create a tool that matches your expectations. Amenitiz is a tool for hoteliers by hoteliers.
So, if the product is not up to your standards, that you’re missing features or you simply want to tell us what you think, please get in touch at [email protected].

See you soon for more tech updates!

9 Jan, 2020