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The Amenitiz tech newsletter #7 – february 2020

26 Feb, 2020

For the month of February 2020, the Amenitiz Tech team offers 5 new products inspired by your requests and needs. As always at Amenitiz we work for you and with you.

On the agenda, an even more efficient and intuitive booking management, the automation of emails to your customers and an management of the housekeeping calendar.

I – A more efficient and intuitive management of your reservations

Get a summary of your manual bookings directly after entering the information

You can now see at the bottom of the page, the summary of your bookings when booking manually. Once the information is entered there is no need to validate it. Just go to the bottom of the page and you will find all the information related to the reservation. You will then be able to communicate the total price of the reservation to your customers for example.

Differentiate the customer (the person who pays) from the occupant when making a reservation

Many Amenitiz customers have asked us to be able to differentiate between the main customer, i.e. the person who made the reservation, and the person occupying the room.

We have therefore set up this system on your reservation space. The main customer is defined at the time of the reservation. It is the person who made the reservation. You just have to go to the customer tab and add occupants.

For example: you are hosting a team building in your hotel. Then you will be able to define as a customer the company that will pay for the reservation and then add the occupants who are the employees.

Make manual bookings on your mobile phone

You can now make a manual reservation from your mobile phone. Same principle as on the computer, we have adapted the design to your phone screen. Make your manual reservations anytime and anywhere from your smartphone.

II – Managing your housekeeping

Calendars in three steps 

 Amenitiz offers you tools adapted to your needs and to hotel standards. From your planning / maintenance tab you can see the maintenance status of your rooms.

Update them individually or in groups. You will be able to change the status among three regulatory status:

  • Clean
  • Inspected
  • Dirty

To save you time you can sort the results by selecting the rooms according to their status. Thus in one click you will have access to all the rooms.

III – Mail automatization

To facilitate your exchanges with your customers, Amenitiz offers you to set up emails for your customers.

These emails will be automated and you will be able to send them to all your customers.

Write the message of your choice in all the languages you have activated. And that’s it. However, you will still be able to personalize your emails if necessary.

Amenitiz is a tool that we build every day with you. What makes our product valuable is the trust you have in it. So, if the product does not suit you, if it lacks features or if you just want to give us your feedback, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

See you next month for even more Tech news !

26 Feb, 2020