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The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #8 – March 2020

1 Apr, 2020

The month of March 2020 has been eventful for Amenitiz: much like a lot of you, we had to face the consequences of the confinement and the decrease of activity. However, our team is not giving in even a little bit: every Amenitizer is working from home from sunny Barcelona to make sure we can keep offering you an outstanding service and product so that we can all come out of this crisis even better than before. 

As we say at Amenitiz: Higher, Better, Stronger! 

Here are the new features that we have released this month: 

Create estimates for your clients

According to the feedback that we received from a lot of you, we have added the ability to create estimates or proforma invoices. The creation experience is similar to the one of invoices, in order to keep it simple and familiar. 

To start creating an estimate, go to your Invoices in the side menu and go into Estimates. Once created, an estimate can be exported as a PDF and sent, or you can send it directly from your Amenitiz account. You can send an estimate as many times as you want!

Well rounded bookings

Your OTA bookings now display all the information that we, ourselves, receive from the OTA: we have added a “Channel information” field where we display everything sent by the OTA. Another reason to never leave Amenitiz again! 

Additionally, you can add documents to your bookings. If you need to store a client’s passport or maybe a rental contract, feel free to add in there. 

Boost your SEO with a professional blog

You can now create your own blog on your Amenitiz website. Get creative and publish your articles directly from your Amenitiz Website, in the “Blog” submenu. 

Create as many articles as you want for only 10 euros a month. Remember that not only will that increase communication with your clients, but it will also improve your Google SEO!

Add a housekeeper to your property’s team

Because hospitality is a well oiled machine that requires a team to work properly, Amenitiz has created a new type of role: the housekeeper. 

This role only has the possibility to see the cleaning tab. This way, you can give access to your Amenitiz account to your housekeeping staff and thus guarantee that they’re always up to date on what to do. 

Your automated emails are getting attachments 

Last month, we were announcing the feature that allows to create automated emails. This month, we’ve made a little update to it! With the goal of making this automatisation even more efficient, you can now add attachments to your emails, for every language. You can for example send your clients a rental contract or maybe a PDF of your restaurant’s menu. 

Amenitiz keeps on moving forward at light speed so we can satisfy your needs! Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback at [email protected].

We’ll see you next month for even more tech updates! 

1 Apr, 2020