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The Amenitiz’ Tech Newsletter #9 – July 2020

21 Jul, 2020

We’re back! 

 As we explained in our last Tech Newsletter, the Amenitiz team has been working tirelessly since March to bring you some great improvements! Over the past few months we have been working on several projects that are now available on the platform:

Amenitiz from your smartphone

Create manual booking from your smartphone

Whether you are away from your property or with a customer, you can now create a manual booking from your mobile! It will only take a few clicks to validate a customer’s reservation without having to connect to your tablet or computer.

Check-in from your mobile phone

You can now register a check-in directly from your smartphone!

Admin part

Automatic check-out

You can now pre-select an automatic check-out schedule for your rooms! You can always adjust it manually if needed.

Have a better view of your inventory

In order to have a quick and easy overview of your rooms, availability and rates, we have improved the presentation of the rate plan, in the inventory section.

You can now see all your room prices in the same place which allows you to easily compare them: standard rate plan, linked pricing, including OTA rate plans.

In the “Global view” section, you will be able to find your restrictions at a glance and open or close a room in one click.

OTA : Automate your payments

You use Stripe and you want to automate your payments coming from OTAs? No worries!

All you need to do is activate the option by going into the menu, clicking on “Applications”, then “Stripe”, and activating the option as shown below.

Once the option is activated, we will charge credit cards sent by OTAs based on your sales terms.

Credit cards have moved!

We’ve updated your booking details! Credit cards are now located in the “Customer” tab.

Add a many cards as you want for a single client.

Refund your guests using vouchers

You now have two possibilities to refund your clients!

When registering a refund, you can now choose the standard refund, or choose to edit a voucher. When editing a voucher, you can choose its validity period so that your guest can reschedule their stay for whenever is convenient!

Manage your website’s pictures easily

You can now manage all the visuals of your website in one place!

Where? In “Website” > “Pictures”

Thanks to this new photo manager, you can easily view all the photos on your website, add or delete an image and add Alt text!

The library is divided into two parts: “Pictures from your website”, in which you will find photos of your property, garden, restaurant etc. and “Photos of your rooms”. From “Pictures of your rooms”, you can directly access a room and modify it.

When you add an image from “Pictures”, you must then integrate it into your website by going to your website editor.

Ps: if you delete a photo from the picture manager, it will also be deleted from your website.


In order to have a better overview of your business, the reports section is now divided into 5 categories: reports, statistics, taxes, payments and handrail!

Clear differentiation of report numbers

Some of you did not understand the origin of the figures in our reports. In order to better guide you in your reading, we have divided the reports into 3 sections:


  • Housekeeping schedule
  • Occupancy Ratio
  • List of rooms
  • Report on arrivals
  •  Report on departures
  •  Meal report

Booking reports (based on bookings)

  • Expense Report: Unpaid Reservations
  • Daily report: Revenue report
  • INSEE report
  • Comparative sales report
  • Comparative report on key indicators

Financial reports (based on invoices)

  • Cash report date to date


We have also added a new feature: the daybook. Located in a sub-section of the “Reports” section, it allows you to get a summary of your daily sales!

Choose a date and find all the booking information:

  • By invoice per day or period
  • Per service per day

Breakfast report

You can now know how many breakfasts you need to plan for the day and export a complete report from Amenitiz. In order to be able to take them into account in the report, you need to link your extra to the “Breakfast” tag.

Your website

SEO: Add Alt text to pictures to improve SEO

If you want to increase direct bookings, you HAVE to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Adding Alt text to your website’s pictures will allow you to improve your website’s SEO in a very simple way.

If you want a customer to find your website, you need to be featured on the first page of any search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo…). In order to appear on this first page, you need to work on your optimization process, which means, you need to give the search engine context: it must understand what you offer, to whom, how and why. The more detail and relevant content you add, the higher your website will appear in search results.

By adding Alt text, i.e. a few descriptive keywords for each visible picture on your website, Google (or any other search engine) will be able to correctly list your pictures and improve your SEO as well as your ranking!

To do this, simply go to the “Website” section, select “Pictures” then choose an image to which you want to add Alt text and click on “Edit Alt text” to enter the description of your keywords. You can add Alt text in all the languages available on your website

New block : add pictures in mosaic shape to your website

If you have nice visuals to display, you can now arrange them in a mosaic shape and make your site even more design! Choose 6 visuals to display: 2 large and 4 small and that’s it!

Amenitiz keeps moving at lightning speed to satisfy your needs! Do not hesitate to get in touch and send us our feedback! See you next month for more updates!

21 Jul, 2020