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The tech news of June: the new charges system

21 Jun, 2021

In addition to AmenitizPay, the month of June has other product-related surprises in store for you. Today we’re going to talk about the new charges management system!

You may have already noticed: the “Charges” tab of your bookings has changed.

With this new design come some new features that you will really appreciate.

A new, clearer and more efficient charge interface.

We have modified our interface so that you can now get details of all your expenses per day! This gives you more flexibility in managing your extra expenses, invoices and reports.

From your booking details, you can now create charges in one click! Simply click on ‘New Charge’ to add one of the extras you have pre-created or a new ‘free field’ charge.

If you choose to add an existing extra, simply search for it in the list and define when the charge should be applied, as well as the quantity. The price will be added for you based on the price you set when you created the extra, but you can of course change it if necessary.

If you choose to add a free field, you can enter the name of your choice, the category it should belong to, the quantity, the unit price and the VAT.

This gives you complete freedom to create your expenses.

Don’t forget that you can also create a zero euro charge if you simply want to offer something to your customer.

You can also edit your charges in 1 click! Just click on the action menu of the charge you want to edit and you can change everything you need. You can change the category and name of your charge, update the quantity, unit price and VAT if necessary.

And of course, if your booking contains several rooms, you can choose which room to apply the supplement as well.

You will notice that the discounts have also changed a bit. To give you greater precision, discounts are now specific to each charge.

You can set a discount with a certain percentage (e.g. 10% discount) or with a defined amount (e.g. 10 euros discount). Thanks to this, you can offer your customers a discount on a specific debit, especially as a business gesture. For example, if you want to offer a 10% discount to your customer on their room, you can easily do this in one click. Simply click on the action menu and select the type of discount you want to offer your customer.

More secure management

With the new charging system, you avoid errors that can occur due to accidental clicks. To avoid errors in your bookings and to comply with the NF525 regulation, it is no longer possible to modify or delete past charges. This ensures that all past information is always accurate.

However, as we know, everyone makes mistakes! That is why you can always cancel a charge. When you reverse a charge, you simply make an “adjustment” by creating a negative charge for the amount of the original charge. This allows you to make the charge to zero, while still keeping track of it, as suggested by the NF525 standard.

What about invoices?

We also took the opportunity to give our invoices a boost. First of all, you will notice that the invoice is now much more aesthetic and clear.

In addition, we have applied this new charging system to the invoice. Charges are now displayed day by day in your invoices. This way you can provide your customers with a detailed invoice from day to day, with VAT details for each item!

This allows your customer to better understand what they are paying for.

You can also easily divide your expenses between several invoices and see which expenses are linked to which invoices.

That’s it! You are now a charges expert. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on the chat or check out our help articles here.

21 Jun, 2021