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What and when to post on facebook when you are an independent hotels

2 Oct, 2017

Second part of our advice on digital strategy about Facebook for independent hotel. Last week, we explained how to create a Facebook page for your hotel. Now let’s dig deeper and see what and when to post!

What to post on my facebook page

First of all, you must respect an editorial line, all your posts must be coherent and reflect the values and culture of your hotel.

Then, keep in mind that people do not connect to Facebook to read. Each of your posts must be an image or be accompanied by a visual to capture the attention. The winning combo is a phrase engaging your fan (or potential fan) + a photo.

An example ? An image of a room with a nice view accompanied by: “Who would you like to share this moment with?” Call-to-action is crucial, the user stops on an image because it is pretty and it catches the eye, but after this step, how to engage? How to make him like, share, and make him participate in the development of my community? Simply with an impacting sentence that will push him to tag a person in comment, to like your post or to share it on his wall or that of a friend.

Think about posts that make you smile! Whenever you can, be humorous and find images that make your community smile.

This mountain hotel illustrates it perfectly:


How often should i post on facebook

Regarding the frequency of your posts, do not let your fans feel spammed by your page. Having a regular activity is essential to retain them, but regularity does not mean over-activity. We advise you not to exceed three posts per week. It is better to post qualitative and inspiring posts for your community than a series of posts without coherence that would pollute more than anything else their newsfeed.

Tip: Never leave a week without a poster on your pro page. If you close, tell your fans that they do not think you have permanently stopped the activity. Simply make a post with the dates corresponding to your closing period.

Integrating a Facebook Ads strategy to your editorial line can be an interesting solution to gain notoriety on social networks. We will develop very soon in an article how to realize a Facebook Ads campaign that works.

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2 Oct, 2017