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Projection : the hotel business in 2060

8 Oct, 2019

What could we expect in 2060. What kind, hotel, services, personnel?

The hotel of 2060, for many it will be located on Mars will offer an enhanced reality and we will communicate with an artificial intelligence. The speed at which the digital and hotel worlds are advancing leads us to make many assumptions. This is the issue dealt with by in partnership with the famous futurologist Dr. James Canton. The study thus reveals the main changes in the hotel industry for 2060. So here’s a preview of the hotel in 2060… 

1) Butler robots:

These completely autonomous robots, equipped with artificial intelligence, will be designed and programmed with specific skills, languages, and information for the clients to make them experience a stay close to perfection. It is clear that these robots are going to replace the men, they will take over the management of the customers from A to Z: from the reception at the airport, to the service of gourmet meals, including room maintenance, travel advice and entertainment.

2) Personalized Hotels: 

“Made to order” is a concept today essentially reserved for luxury goods, but which is becoming increasingly popular with consumers from all walks of life. For the hotel of the future this concept will come to life thanks to nanotechnologies and advanced technological devices that will assemble environments, buildings, physical environments to adapt their concept to the desires and demands of travelers.

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3) 3D Printers:

Today you want to do some extra shopping in your hotel, you go to the hotel shop. Thanks to the 3D printer, you no longer need to go to the store and be afraid that you won’t find what you’re looking for. Travelers will be able to download all the products they want and design them on demand.

4) The neuro dream :

The hotel of the future will impact the traveler’s experience right down to his dreams.

Dr. James Canton defines neuro-dreaming in the hotel industry as follows: “The definition of a good night’s sleep will not be the same in the future. The hotel bed will no longer just be a place to spend a comfortable night, as the travelers of the future will be able to choose their dream before falling asleep. Hotels will offer travelers neuro-technologies to program their dreams and choose the theme that suits them, whether to relax, recharge, inform or entertain. A romantic adventure or a trip to space – the choice is yours! »

5) Mobile payments by DNA:

DNA what better way to certify an online payment. When you arrive at the hotel to confirm your reservation, you will only need your fingerprints! A record made in record time!

6) Energy-Efficient Hotels 

More and more hotels built sustainably are the future we know but. Where will they be in 2060?! Government standards, resource depletion and the inevitable need to think sustainable will make hotels in 2060 100% sustainable. 

Here are the six points of major transformation of the hotel industry for 2060. Many other major changes will always come with the digitalization of the world and the environmental and consumer trends. The watchwords of its changes are therefore comfort plus customers convenience, robotization, virtual intelligence and environment.

8 Oct, 2019