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Women : a different type of clientele. What are the issues in question ?

28 Oct, 2019

Where the female client stands in the hospitality industry is a question that has many answers

Hospitality reflects and adapts to the changes made by western society. Thus, the issues related to female clients in the hospitality sector is becoming more and more relevant.

In this industry, 70% of the worldwide travellers are females where 74% of them get to choose their destination of choice.

But for hotel owners that make establishments or floors that are exclusively dedicated for Women, are getting a reoccurring answer to the question asked earlier above. The answer is segmented by economic, social and security reasons.

Women : a social perplexity and an expanding economic market for hotels

The Hotel Som Dona Hotel, in the heart of Majorca in Spain, has 39 exclusive rooms only available for women above 14 years old accompanied by a friend or another female family member.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the staff doesn’t have any male workers. (That would be an infringement to the Anti-discrimination hiring laws)

This hotel’s purpose doesn’t revolve around the idea of denying access to male clients. It’s about appreciating and putting forward the value of women by adapting to their needs.

A “girly” decoration is put into place along with the special beauty amenities in the room such as: hairdryer, straightener, make-up remover. When it comes to enjoying food in the house, the chef has put together a menu based on healthy and well-balanced dishes.

This very controversial yet positive discrimination is also perceived as a bubble allowing women to disconnect from the world.

Though the trend of segmenting demands and providing special services for women isn’t a coincidence. In France, an increasing number of exclusive female transport service is reaching the market. As females are becoming highly independent, their travelling frequency has seen a positive shift due to higher activity. The latter has become a vast economic market for hoteliers giving them the opportunity to respond to such demand by increasing their supply.

Most of the time hotels only dedicate a couple of rooms or floors for their female clients. Though for hoteliers this is treated like none other than a business opportunity to exploit. They provide their targeted clients with specific services. For example, a German Hotel has already taken the next step by providing Yoga DVDs and mats in the rooms.

Hoteliers seem to benefit from the new market and continue to ride that wave as it is an easy way to differentiate themselves in such a competitive market.

A secure hotel for women guarantees it’s reputation

Since the day of times and even more so today due to social media the success and prosperity of any commercial establishment relies on its reputation. A bad reputation could be the end of a business, so hoteliers are pushing even harder nowadays to maintain or develop their reputation. In addition, it is important to remember, having no reputation is better than having a bad reputation.

Taking the right security measures is a method of preserving one’s notoriety but it also creates loyalty amongst female customers.

Furthermore, hotels should take initiative in providing higher security for their clients. For example, while receiving the keys at the reception, the receptionist should be discrete while communicating the room number. Providing security must become a high priority for hotels.

Thinking beyond the general idea of the service and focusing more on the little details is necessary in order to maintain the functionality of the service. Often, transactions are a delicate moment for women as they might not feel comfortable being alone with an unknown Man. So, maybe think about employing female drivers.

Hotels should be aware of everything when it comes to security. Though don’t confuse security with the feeling of security. These 2 concepts are very different and often it’s the second one that only matters. Even though if the hotel actually has a secure infrastructure, if the clients don’t feel safe, the hotel will lose a part of its notoriety. This means that we should stay simple and invest in a reassuring atmosphere that promotes the feeling of security. Such as Illuminated alleys, a covered parking and deadbolt locks are a good start.


The issues related to female clients in the hospitality industry is increasing in relevance as time goes by. Hotels implementing specific services for targeted clients have attracted 86% of women and also 80% of men, selling themselves as more favourable for travellers.

Hotels are segmenting their market more frequently by including female clients into their equation since this market is expanding rapidly.

Furthermore, security being essential will soon become one of the factors of longevity for businesses in the Hospitality industry.

28 Oct, 2019