Hotel Les Triolets.


20 rooms

With Amenitiz since 2019

Find the beautiful testimony of Jean-Marc, owner of the Hotel Les Triolets in Châtel in the heart of the alpine mountains.

About the property

Hotel Les Triolets is a beautiful two-stars family hotel with a lounge bar, an indoor swimming pool and south-facing terraces. The hotel is located in Châtel, between Chamonix and Thonon-les-Bains, on the Swiss border, an exceptional location just at the foot of the ski resorts and close to pleasant walks for a breathtaking view of Le Lac Léman. Surrounded by majestic mountain chains, the hotel features 20 friendly rooms with a rustic mountain spirit. All rooms are equipped with a balcony, ideal for enjoying breakfast with a view overlooking the valley.

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Jean-Marc, can you explain us why you chose Amenitiz?

“We got to know Amenitiz by being directly contacted. Usually I cut the conversation short, but my attention was drawn and Amenitiz was able to bring us what we needed at the right time.”

“Before Amenitiz, I wasn‘t really aware of what the problem really was, but I was sure of one thing, my website was aging. It was very inconvenient to have to call my webmaster every time I had to change something. Now I can take control over my website, it allows me to be much more reactive!”

We noticed that the website works extremely well, it has brought us new customers. Actually, I received very positive feedbacks by our guests saying that they booked a room because they had been seduced by our website”

We noticed that the website works extremely well, it has brought us new customers.

Can you tell us how Amenitiz has changed your daily life?

“I wanted to find a system that could boost my direct bookings, as OTAs take a lot of commissions from us. Especially since OTAs no longer provide us with customer information after the reservation, so it became difficult to build loyalty. The booking engine integrated into my website now allows me to convert more customers and take control over my business.”

“Amenitiz offers an intuitive and easy-to-use website for both the traveller and the property owner. The big advantage was also the simplicity of the interface, I have no computer knowledge and the centralization of tools coupled with a very simple administrator interface allows me to easily manage the whole digital aspect of my business, which used to frighten me.”

What did you enjoy most about collaborating with Amenitiz?

“The sympathy of the team. Whether it was the first person who contacted me, or the people I‘ve spoken to afterwards, they were all very kind.”

“The fact that Amenitiz was founded by hoteliers comforted me enormously because they are people aware of the industry‘s challenges, and they do it out of passion.”

“Thanks to Amenitiz, I realized that the tools I had before were not at all suited to the hospitality industry. It was annoying since I don‘t have the same expectations as an online sportswear website, but now my website is 100% adapted to my activity. And I know the team is able to advise me because they know what my job and my daily life look like.”

A last word:

I am fully satisfied with the tool, it allows me to save time, to have a more fluid management and all this for a reasonable price!

Amenitiz‘s little word:

Thank you Jean-Marc for this beautiful testimony which reflects our mission and our ambitions.

Amenitiz was indeed founded by true hotel passionates who were born in this environment. Alexandre Guinefolleau, founder of the company, is the son of hotel owners and studied at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. Our system was therefore entirely designed for this industry.

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