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Enjoy smoother operations
Automate reservations, check-ins, and billing.

Improve guest experience
Give personalised experiences and foster loyalty.

Make smarter decisions

Leverage insightful data to boost profitability and gain a competitive edge.

Increase your visibility
Connect to 120+ OTAs and welcome more guests.

Take control

Manage availability and rates across all channels. No more over-bookings.

Save time and streamline operations

Centralise distribution and eliminate the need for manual updates.

Boost revenue

Enable direct bookings through your website, reducing commission fees.

Instant confirmations

Create a seamless booking experience, build trust, and eliminate manual follow-ups.

Personalisation and upselling
Customise offers and sell upgrades.


Create a professionally designed SEO-optimised website that ranks first in Google.


Affordable plans with hosting included. Domain registration available for an extra fee.


Personalise your website with templates, colours, fonts, and images that reflect your property.

Secure payments

Receive guest payments safely through a variety of methods.


Centralise OTA and direct booking payments all in one place.

Efficiency and savings

Save time and money, automating payment collection and reducing manual tasks.

Revenue Generation

Optimise rates to maximise revenue based on demand, seasonality, and competitor rates.

Time and Effort Savings

Set the right rates without manual monitoring or guesswork.

Occupancy and Profitability

Strike the right balance between occupancy and revenue, ensuring the success of your property.

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Streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and maximise profitability

“Since we’ve been using Amenitiz our occupancy has increased a lot – the direct bookings in particular, by 30%”
Eva Hervás,
owner of La Joyuca de Pas

Simplify operations while making your guests feel at home

"It’s not just advertising, it really worked! In a short time we were already creating the website!"
Manuel Villas-Boas,
owner of Morgadio da Calçada

Grow your portfolio, manage it efficiently and increase profits on the go

"In the past, we spent many hours collecting and managing payments. Now, with just one click, we can do this very easily!"
manager of RS Porto Historic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get more direct bookings using Amenitiz?

Yes. However having the right tools is not enough. If we give you the best car in the race you won’t win unless you learn how to properly drive it. The good news is we help you be the best pilot: take a look at our free courses.

No. Amenitiz is an all-in-one software to help you manage your hotel and connect you to hundreds of OTAs in order for you to increase your visibility.

No, we don’t. You can connect with as many distribution channels as you like.

We take the time to show each of our clients how to use our software so they can be operational quickly. We also have created an online academy with tutorials. On a regular basis we offer free webinars to help you go further. In addition, we have created The Hotel Club to help you expand your area of expertise. Without forgetting of course our support and care team available for you from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday via our live chat and by email during the weekends.

You can check our rates at this link.

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