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Leverage Amenitiz PriceAdvisor to easily adjust your rates based on demand, seasonality, or competitors.

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Competitive data at your fingertips

Compare your competitors’ prices in seconds and get personalised suggestions to stay ahead of the game

Different locations? We got you covered

No matter where your properties are, you can select different competitors and rate to stay on top of the market.

Holiday Pricing Made Easy

Set the perfect price at the perfect moment by considering public holidays in your guest’s locations.

Personalised suggestions based on your property’s data

Every property is unique! Our dynamic price recommendation considers your property characteristics for the most accurate suggestions.

Why Amenitiz?

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Streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and maximise profitability

“Since we’ve been using Amenitiz our occupancy has increased a lot – the direct bookings in particular, by 30%”
Eva Hervás,
owner of La Joyuca de Pas

Simplify operations while making your guests feel at home

"It’s not just advertising, it really worked! In a short time we were already creating the website!"
Manuel Villas-Boas,
owner of Morgadio da Calçada

Grow your portfolio, manage it efficiently and increase profits on the go

"In the past, we spent many hours collecting and managing payments. Now, with just one click, we can do this very easily!"
manager of RS Porto Historic.

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Check your competitors prices and adapt your rates
Accept price suggestions with a single click
Leave spreadsheets behind and make faster decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it adjust rates automatically based on data and algorithms?

We look at your own data (occupancy, booking lead time and avg price) as well as your competitor’s prices and process this into a price recommendation that you can accept with just one click either for one day or all at once.

Firstly, we look at your data (occupancy, booking lead time and prices) and then we look at your competitor’s prices as well as if they have availability or not for specific rates.

We are processing data daily and generating new price recommendations for you to make sure you maintain the most competitive price.

Our customers have noticed an increase in occupancy as well in revenues when using Amenitiz PriceAdvisor.

Amenitiz PriceAdvisor is fully integrated on the Amenitiz platform, so you’ll be able to manage everything to do with your property within our platform.

Take your business to new heights!

Rise above the competition and transform your property management into an unforgettable success story 🚀