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Benefits of using Amenitiz’s Dynamic Pricing

Become the most profitable in the hotel industry with the dynamic pricing

Capitalise on your property’s potential by adjusting your prices to find what works best.

Stand out with our dynamic hotel pricing algorithm

Define a long-term strategy as SmartPricing monitors your direct competitors.

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Leave pricing spreadsheets and make your decisions a no-brainer.

dynamic pricing in hotel industry

Stay ahead of your competitor’s pricing strategy

Define your rates based on competitors you select, because who knows better? Drop the databases and take back control.

Trust dynamic pricing suggestions based on your hotel’s data

Define the deals you want to make on a daily basis. Change as many prices as you want – if you want – in seconds with suggestions we base on marketplace variables and internal data from your Amenitiz PMS.

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Control your hotel’s pricing strategy wherever your rooms are listed

Manage everything from one place. Adjust the rates for all your properties from the comfort of your PMS.

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Hotel Dynamic Pricing FAQs 

Dynamic pricing became a must in the hotel industry when the 1980’s the airline industry created revenue management software to vary the pricing according to demand and offer. The hotel industry replicated this model to increase and optimise their hotel revenue by playing with demand and offer variables while keeping the occupancy rate and RevPar at high levels.

Dynamic pricing is the practice of having multiple price points per peak season that allow hotels and property managers to expand their revenue. Thus, static pricing is the methodology that sets a fixed price that doesn’t vary depending on the market condition or time.

There are solutions in the market that automatically adjusts the rates, therefore, it’s impossible to cover particular guests’ requests. SmartPricing by Amenitiz is flexible enough to adjust the price for particular guests’ requests.

SmartPricing by Amenitiz is flexible enough to adjust the price for particular guests’ requests.

The best practice in order to conduct dynamic pricing strategy for hotels is to adopt a flexible dynamic pricing tool that monitors your direct competitors, your local events and internal variables to occupancy. Hence, these decisions are based on your property’s characteristics and the potential revenue can be maximized.

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