Booking Engine by Amenitiz – the Booking Engine you were looking for

Increase direct bookings and manage payments for your hotel, B&B or vacation rental with the best booking engine software

Benefits of using Amenitiz’s Booking Engine

Get more direct bookings

Booking on your website will be easy, quick and seamless thanks to our intuitive and fully integrated Booking Engine

Upsell more services

Use the booking process to increase your revenues by selling packages, gift cards and add extras.

Optimise your guest data

Unlike OTAs, you will get all the information about your guests so you can offer them a great experience and increase customer loyalty.

Increase conversion by offering the best booking experience through our Hotel Reservation System

Your guests will have a smooth, safe experience booking navigating your website. The Booking Engine is completely customizable and will allow you to highlight the customer journey.

Get paid on your terms with our Booking Engine Software

Choose exactly when and how you want to be paid. Payments and guest cards will be linked to your bookings which will save you time and give you more control of your business.

Best Channel Manager

Synchronise all your channels when using our Hotel Booking System

Each time you receive a direct booking from your website, all your channels will be synchronised, showing your availability in real-time and reducing the risk of overbooking.

Amenitiz has revolutionised our business. For example, we have gone from 5% direct bookings to 95% today.


Château des Tourelles 

With Amenitiz, my direct bookings have gone up from a few percent to almost half of my total bookings today.

 Jean-Luc Grauby

Villa le Nid

Choose the Ultimate Booking Engine for Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and B&Bs


Easily manage your operations from a central interface.

Channel manager

Synchronise your inventory with OTAs in real time.

Amenitiz Pay

Our very own payment processing system to make your life easier.

Website builder

Easy to use software to turn your online visitors into real guests.

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Booking Engine FAQs

A hotel booking system is a buying function that by definition of that function – money in exchange for a service – makes it a definitively distinct entity to that of the rest of your page, namely to showcase and to link.

Online booking systems are combination of software solutions that make sure it’s possible for your guests to book online and that your availability updates itself when they do.

You need a booking engine in order to be able to take booking via your own website, thereby increasing your direct bookings and decreasing the fees you’ll owe by way of commission to Booking and other OTAs.

The one that best meets your needs and expectations. It must be easy to use, fast, integrated into the website of the hotel, interfaced with the PMS, it offers options such as extras, it can be connected to a channel manager, it works on computer as well as tablet and smartphone and especially that there is a great support service to help you in case of glitches. This is what Amenitiz offers you!

Book a free demo with Amenitiz and we’ll show you how to plug in your website to our PMS and Channel Manager, effectively creating and online reservation system for you.

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