Aloe, Yuzu & Hibiscus apartments.

Vannes, France

3 apartments

With Amenitiz since 2020

We thank Benjamin Etienne who agreed to give us his testimony. Benjamin is the owner of Aloe, Yuzu & Hibiscus, three modern apartments in the heart of the historical center of Vannes.

About the property

Apartments ideally located, for a relaxing and discovery stay in the Gulf of Morbihan. The modern style apartments are fully equipped and offer maximum comfort. They are only a few meters away from one of the most beautiful markets in France. Spacious, they can accommodate 4 or 6 people.

Discover the website of Aloe, Yuzu & Hibiscus

An intuitive tool that’s easy to use

Our tool is aimed at hotel owners and managers, owners of apartments, bed and breakfast and other tourist accommodation. Our public is not digital experts. We therefore wanted to make the tool as simple as possible to use. We offer a tool that is intuitive and easy to use.

We also know that all our owners are not equal when it comes to tools – some of them have already used other software, as is the case here for Benjamin.

“At first I had a couple of questions, because I was using other software. It took me a while to get my hands on it, but overall in one day I had figured out how it worked. If someone were to start with Amenitiz, I would say maybe two one-hour accompaniments, like I had with the presentation of the software and the functions. For someone who’s new to the software, in the 45-60 age range and who’ s not very familiar with it, it would take a second point, about a week after the first training.”

Amenitiz is present on a daily basis to support you in the management of your accommodation.

“Automatic emails sent in PDF is very, very simple for you. It’s really well done.”

In addition to its tools, Amenitiz’s greatest strength lies in its support, training and coaching. During all stages of the creation of your website, but also for the handling of the software we are present. Our owners can turn to us at any time for a question, a need or a problem to solve. Our teams are trained and support all owners in their use of Amenitiz.

“The people who train, really know what they’re talking about.”

A software that automates processes and can be managed by several people.

Accommodation management is a job that requires time and investment. The goal of Amenitiz is not to ask you for more time. Once set up, the tool requires very minimal work. The processes are automated and work on their own. You can also give access to the software to anyone you wish.

“Once I get the system set up, everything is automatic emails and stuff. Basically I’ll never log on. I sub-contract the cleaning and check-in/check-out part, so I won’t have to do much on the software. And that’s what I was interested in. I’m going to add a new person to the software.”

A modern website that appeals to owners and travellers alike.

Amenitiz’s websites are made with modern, unique designs and 100% dedicated to the hotel industry. They are built to appeal to travelers and guarantee a maximum of direct bookings. Entirely personalized, Amenitiz websites perfectly reflect the owners’ universe. Our websites are timeless because they evolve over time. A block management system allows you to update the text and image content of your site.

“So what I like the most is the site you’ve made. The website is for me what will bring me the most and allow me to save money, because we pay quite high commissions to the platforms. The site is really, really well done.”

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