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5 spaces to be installed in his hotel to seduce the millennials

9 Jul, 2019

The new generation of travelers, also known as the Millennials, is changing the practices of the hotel industry. It must be said that these young people grew up in an ultra-connected world, where travel has become increasingly easy thanks to the rise of technology. More than just a place to sleep, the traveler expects a real experience when booking a hotel room. Given that the Millennials are tomorrow’s clientele, hoteliers need to review their services to attract young travelers while differentiating themselves from their competitors.

1. A shaped space

Unlike their elders, the Millennials’ practice of sport has become a norm. Today nearly 46% of them do sport more than once a week according to an INJEP study. Willing to stay in shape but also to control his image, the practice of a physical activity is part of the daily routine of some Millennials. Even when travelling, these young people like to keep their habits. The presence of a sports hall can become a determining factor in the choice of a facility. The hotelier can install a fitness room with weight training equipment and set up sports classes accessible to travelers.

2. A craft shop

Young travelers love discovery. When they travel, they want to discover the local culture, traditions, specialities… This is why the hotelier can be inspired by the concept of “boutique-hotel” by opening a space dedicated to the sale of local products (culinary specialities, decorative elements…). Thanks to this shop, travelers can bring back souvenirs of their stay as well as gifts for their loved ones. No need to chase after the traditional souvenir shops, travelers can shop directly in the hotel shop at the end of their stay.

3. A relaxation area

The new generation of travelers likes to meet new people during their stay. Very open-minded, she quickly knows how to socialize with strangers through moments of sharing. At the same time, solo travel has increased rapidly in recent years. This is why it is interesting to set up relaxation areas where travelers can meet each other. The hotelier can install table football and board games to encourage group activities and create contact between travelers. Organizing a welcome drink at the end of the day is a good way to bring travelers together. Since Millennials are fond of authenticity, the hotelier may consider opening this space to the locals to encourage exchanges and meetings.

4. A varied catering offer 24 hours a day

When it comes to catering, the Millennials want to make the most of their time. When travelling, it is not possible to sit at a table for long hours. Traditional meal times are not respected. They prefer simple and quick meals that can be eaten outdoors. There is no question of turning to fast food. This generation attaches importance to the quality of food, and tries to consume responsibly by turning to regional products. This is why a hotelier offering a catering service must take into account the eating habits of the guests. Setting up a varied catering offer available 24 hours a day is the solution for adapting to the hectic pace of young travelers. Thanks to this service, the traveller can eat when he wishes according to his activities.

5. A cocktail bar

At the end of the day, the Millennials like to get together over a drink to remake the world. A hotel’s cocktail bar is the ideal place to share moments of conviviality. For the hotelier this means increased revenues as travelers are encouraged to stay in the establishment instead of going out to the city’s bars. The hotelier must look at current trends to offer a menu adapted to the tastes of the travelers. Nowadays, Millennials prefer to consume unique and original cocktails, far from the traditional mixes that can be found in every bar. The hotelier can therefore give carte blanche to the mixologist.

Okko Hotels, Joe and Joe and Mama Shelter are new hotel concepts designed for the new generation of travelers. Offering services and benefits adapted to the expectations of the Millennials, these new chains are shaking up the hotel sector. A true source of inspiration for hoteliers, it is important to follow the latest trends to attract this new clientele in search of experience and authenticity.

9 Jul, 2019