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5 tips for creating babymoon holiday

6 Aug, 2019

Coming straight from the United States, the babymoon, also known as the pregnancy moon, is the new travel trend in France. The concept is simple, to propose to the future parents a last stay for two before the arrival of the first born. This type of stay allows couples to recharge their batteries as lovers and relieve the pressure of D-day. However, there are few offers adapted to this clientele. This is why this market can be very lucrative for hoteliers who decide to organize babymoon stays in their establishment. Discover all our tips for attracting these travellers.

3. Take care of the atmosphere of the hotel 

Not all hotel complexes are able to offer babymoon stays. Indeed, the first criterion for the selection of future parents is the atmosphere of the school. The aim of the babymoon is to offer a moment of relaxation for two. This is why they will naturally turn to a hotel that is accustomed to welcoming travellers in search of a stay of pure relaxation. Establishments that try to attract different types of clientele (families, friends, partygoers…) are not suitable places for future parents looking for peace and quiet.

2. Adapt the catering offer

A pregnant woman’s diet is very different from that of other hotel guests. Several foods are not recommended during pregnancy: seafood, meat carpaccios or raw cheese. Thus, the hotelier must think of proposing adapted dishes. Offer menus based on organic products and don’t forget to indicate the composition of the dishes to reassure the mother-to-be. As the diet can vary from one woman to another, do not hesitate to ask for information as soon as the future parents arrive. In addition, it is strongly advised to review the menu of non-alcoholic drinks in order to offer healthier alternatives (freshly squeezed fruit juice, smoothies…).

3. Suggest activities for expectant mothers

Expectant mothers will be delighted to have access to activities adapted to their situation. Offer prenatal yoga classes to work on breathing. It is also interesting to set up a relaxation area with treatments and massages especially for pregnant women. You can also offer future parents to immortalize their stay for a photo session. They will leave with a very nice souvenir of your establishment that they can show to their friends and family… potential customers!

4. Think of the extras

In general, small attentions are always much appreciated by travellers. It is well known that a pregnant woman has very particular desires during the day. To satisfy the needs of mothers-to-be, plan small food delights (chocolate-covered strawberries, pots of ice cream…) that can be served at any time of day. Don’t forget the father-to-be because the babymoon is above all a moment shared by both of you. Offer him a glass of whiskey or a good cigar, he’ll be more than happy.

5. Create all-inclusive packages

During their stay, the future parents do not want to worry about their budget. The babymoon is above all a moment of relaxation designed to relieve couples of the daily pressure. That’s why it’s much more interesting to market babymoon stays as packages. Including activities and little extras, a formula is ideal for future parents who benefit from all the services at no extra charge. No more need to worry about the bill at the end of your stay, the offer is totally transparent on the services.

Babymoon is a concept that is increasingly appealing to future parents. It’s a good time to relax together before the family grows. As a hotelier or gîte owner, this new trend can be very interesting to boost your bookings. To target this clientele, it is necessary to anticipate the expectations of the future parents in order to make their stay unforgettable.

6 Aug, 2019