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5 tips to seduce clients on tripadvisor

22 Nov, 2017

Two out of three people book online and 80% of them consult previous customers’ opinions before making their reservation; and where do they go check for opinions? You guessed it right – TripAdvisor. Before booking your hotel, a traveler will not only read the reviews but also the answers given by your hotel to those reviews. Here’s where the seduction game begins; it’s up to you to show the traveler that he wants you, rather than someone else.

1- Answer to all the tripadvisor reviews

We are all the same in the end, when it comes to replying to certain reviews we tend to prioritise the negative ones; whether it is to justify unusual situations or comment on specific remarks. Nevertheless, it is essential to answer to every opinion, without leaving any of them out. Think of a traveler who took the time to come on your page and leave a friendly review. If this one is ignored, will he really want to come back? The most concise opinions also deserve an answer, as short as this could get.

2- Customize each of your answers

Each client should be eager to lodge at your hotel! Show them that for you, each one of them matters. Automatic answers are forbidden! Forget the copy-paste replies such as: “Thank you for your opinion. Hope to see you again “. Personalize your replies and adapt them to each review. This will not only increase customer retention, but will also seduce potential travellers who are still hesitant on whether to book a room at your hotel.

3 – Do not ever be aggressive

It is possible to receive unfair negative remarks and we understand that it might be tempting to answer back in a confrontational way in order to point out the truth. If you assume that you can afford leaving an unpleasant response, just because you will never see a specific customer again, you are wrong! Think of all the potential customers who will come across the correspondence and judge you upon it. In those situation, we highly recommend to answer in a cordial way and with a hint of humor – it’s the best card to play.

4 – Let the director of the hotel reply to the reviews

Customers feel particularly valued when this is the case. Besides, you’ll prove that the quality of your service is one of your top priorities.

5 – Be reactive

It is crucial to answer within 48 hours. Responsiveness is key when replying to customers’ reviews, since it will make them feel appreciated and taken into account. In addition, swiftly replying to specific remarks will shed light on the situation, and prevent readers from having a wrong image of your hotel.

To conclude, Tripadvisor is indeed a seduction game. By simply reading your reviews, the traveller should be looking forward to staying with you. Reactivity, courtesy and empathy are all you need to achieve that!

22 Nov, 2017