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7 common tips to ensure the highest hotel quality

4 Jan, 2022

Hotels encounter constantly changing customer preferences, expectations, and behaviors. Businesses capable of delivering excellent hotel quality and creating memorable experiences via personal touches, special amenities, and outstanding customer service are rewarded with word-of-mouth referrals, repeat business and constructive social media reviews.

Service is king in the hotel and hospitality industry. Therefore, every hotelier is familiar with the benefit of offering an excellent customer experience. However, most people lack awareness of the new professional and social realities and innovative tech capable of complementing the efforts of hotels to provide unforgettable customer experiences. If you are seeking means of improving guest satisfaction in your hotel, the following strategies are guaranteed to ensure you achieve your goals.

1) VIP Treatment for All Guests

One way to ensure the highest hotel quality is through offering VIP treatment for all guests. The quality of a hotel is illustrated by how well the guests are treated. Not everyone is a CEO, celebrity, or royalty, but this should not mean that they should not get the VIP treatment. By giving them such an experience, their visit will be memorable, and they will surely visit again. Train the staff to be responsive, attentive, and develop a sense of urgency for all guests despite their status.

By doing so, you will be rewarded with loyalty, patronage, and referrals by your guests. As an additional bonus, once your guests feel special and satisfied, secondary aspects that might arise become less significant, such as mediocre locations and small rooms.

2) Train Regularly, Not Just One-Time

Regular training is another aspect that will improve hotel quality. Many hoteliers train their staff only once as they join the enterprise. This is probably the case since regular training might appear like an impossible mission in industries where the majority of the employees are already on beyond reasonable working hours. However, new technologies are available to rescue the situation. These are technologies capable of providing top-notch training without the need for an extended commitment. 

A growing number of hotels are realising the advantages of mixing conventional employee training with just-in-time training methods like Performance Support Systems.

3) Offer Individualised Customer Service

Consistency should not imply each guest should have the same services. On the contrary, genuine service excellence requires personalisation and making every customer feel special during their experience with the hotel. Front desk staff that are aware of you and address you by your name, ready to help, do not forget your tastes and preferences, and offer helpful information are an integral asset capable of making all the difference.


4) Positive Beginning for All New Employees

A recent study showed that staff turnover ranks among the highest in the hospitality scene, with the US average staff turnover getting to 31% and 34% in the United Kingdom. This consistent churn is disruptive and causes productivity loss, deteriorated customer service, and reduced morale. To fight this issue, major hotels and restaurants are reassessing their onboarding technique to make sure every new employee gets the best possible start to life working for the hotel.

5) Update Your Tech Toolbox

Hospitality is probably one of the oldest business ventures in the world. However, in the current age and day, it should not be a surprise that hotels need to embrace modern technology while also improving hotel quality to realise their full potential. Reports from Software Advice state that hotels quickly embrace hotel management software such as property management systems and websites to facilitate smooth check-out and check-in processes, manage employees, automate day-to-day tasks, and generate financial reports.

The software saves time while relieving the hotel employees of more strenuous tasks and enhancing guest experiences. Taking it a step further, the hotel industry wishes to serve their customers and staff better for more ROI from the PMS and therefore is adopting Performance Support technology.

6) Gauge the Customer Service Performance

Take the time to establish how fast you can address issues and requests from your guests. A previous customer service survey showed that about 70% of clients consider good customer service and quality of a hotel as the ability to have their issues resolved efficiently and quickly. 

By having a Performance Support solution, a hotel manager can relax with the assurance that their employees are armed with all they need at their fingerprints. Using contextual process guidance adaptable to honest conversations, front desk employees using performance support can provide top-notch solutions fast.

7) Tie the Actions of Your Staff to the Overall Hotel Performance

Chief among the infamous 14 points for management from W. Edwards is the idea of “constancy of purpose.” This implies inculcating purpose in the employees by showing them the massive impact of what they do daily, like their impact on guest experiences and the hotel’s income. By tying particular behavior to more excellent systems, you give the employees a sense of their importance in the business.


4 Jan, 2022