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8 reasons why a hotelier should create a website

25 Jun, 2019

Nowadays, most travelers book their stay online. This trend can be explained by the development of OTAs. These large platforms allow travelers to book accommodation in just a few clicks from a wide choice. This service is paid for by the hoteliers who have to pay a commission on each reservation. Thus, some of them have decided to create their own website with a booking engine. If at first glance a website is the showcase of an establishment, it is nevertheless an excellent tool to gain independence.

1. Developing visibility

Nearly 75% of travelers select an establishment based on search results according to a Mobile motion study. This is why the ultimate goal of a hotelier is to see his site appear in the first results. To do this, you need to understand the algorithm of search engines. Today, having a responsive (adaptable to any type of platform) and secure site are fundamental elements to maximize its chances of appearing in the header of the results.

2. Improve referencing

The content of a website is as important as the aesthetics. Indeed, search engines will analyze the entire content of a site before indexing it in the results. By creating a website with Amenitiz, the hotelier has access to software to manage the referencing of his site. It can customize the “meta-description” and “meta-titles” tags to improve its ranking in search results.

3. Allow direct booking

The aesthetics of a website plays an important role in seducing Internet users. Indeed, quality photos and a refined presentation will encourage the traveller to select this establishment for his stay. But a site must not only be aesthetic, it must also be functional. The objective is to convert the Internet user into a customer. To do this, he must be able to book directly on the website thanks to a booking engine integrated into the site.

4. Offer an attractive price

Following the Macron law introduced in 2015, the tariff parity clause was abolished. This means that the hotelier can set different prices on each booking channel. From now on, it is allowed to offer a lower fare on its site than the one displayed on the OTAs. This is a good way to encourage travelers to book online and not to use the booking platforms.

5. Reinforcing loyalty

When a traveller books via an OTA, personal data such as telephone number or address are not passed on to the hotelier. It is therefore impossible to establish contact with the traveller. By creating his own website, the hotelier will no longer face this problem. It will be able to retrieve the traveller’s information, which is the starting point for customer loyalty.

6. Manage all reservations

Having your own website does not mean closing the door to OTA. These platforms are very effective in developing an establishment’s notoriety and acquiring new customers. A website is used in addition to OTA. When you create your site with Amenitiz, you get access to the channel manager. This tool allows you to manage all reservations from the different reservation channels. This service is a real centralizer, which allows a real saving of time.

7. Offer exclusive services

Thanks to its website, the hotelier can offer additional services that the traveller can benefit from by booking directly on the site. Bottle of champagne, breakfast, transportation service are additional extras to be offered only on the hotel site to encourage travelers to book via the site.

8. Reassuring the client

Nearly half of the travelers who have found an establishment via an OTA will search its website. If the site does not exist, there is a good chance that travelers will backtrack in their choice of establishment. This is why a website is a good way to reassure the customer. Thanks to detailed content and quality photos, the hotelier gains the traveller’s trust.

With travelers increasingly connected, it has become necessary for hoteliers to create their own internet so as not to be dependent on expensive OTAs. Amenitiz is the solution to meet the current needs of hoteliers. Thanks to a complete formula, a hotel owner can create his own website with reservation software, have an overview of the reservations and optimize the referencing of his site in the search results. Discover our service with a free demonstration by filling out the form below. We’ll be happy to get back to you.

25 Jun, 2019