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8 steps to improve guest experience in your hotel

28 Oct, 2021

The guest experience your customers get in your hotel might affect your income and the image of your hotel. Therefore, providing an excellent hotel customer experience in your hotel may be both a marketing and a profit-generating strategy. With an increased growth in the hotel industry, hotel owners may devise new tactics to ensure customers have a remarkable and delightful experience as this enables them to stay at the top of the industry. Here are 8 ways to create a great customer service experience at your hotel.

1) Make pre-stay contact with guests

The pre-arrival communication between a guest and the hotel is crucial in ensuring a great customer experience in your hotel. Constant contact can keep them interested and convince them that you’re mindful of them and also demonstrates how you may provide a pleasant stay in your hotel. Therefore, it is also advisable to ask the customers if they have any last-minute requests to make early preparations.

2) Ensure an excellent first impression

Make sure that your guests are not left waiting for long hours at the hotel’s front desk, as this might help you better your customers’ stay in your hotel. Guests may have traveled long distances and might be tired and irritable, thus in need of fast check-in services. Ensuring an excellent guest experience may be accomplished through the automation of communication between the front desk and guests. Hence, it is advisable for your front-desk personnel to always welcome the guest with a warm smile, as this will also create a great guest service in your hotel.

3) Be responsive

Social media platforms may assist you when informing your guests on the various hotel updates, inquiries, or advertisements. To establish a personal connection with your online followers, you may engage with them real-time to ensure an improved customer stay in your hotel. Providing tailored, high-quality responses that emphasize establishing a personal relationship with guests may result in an outstanding guest experience in your hotel. In addition, you may also build a website for your hotel that could ease the communication between the hotel and customers.

4) Improve hotel room facilities

Guests might most likely travel with their electronic gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops and they may require internet connection. You may install free Wi-Fi for guests to use during their stay. Similarly, make sure your hotel’s Wi-Fi can manage the different speeds required by all of these gadgets and that guests are informed about the Wi-Fi condition at the time of check-in. This will mean they won’t have to ask for it thus will lead to a better customer service in your hotel.

5) Staff empowerment

To improve customer’s stay in your hotel, it is advisable to train your hotel staff since your staff is the primary contact point for your visitors. Empowering them would provide a better guest stay in your hotel and leave guests wishing to come back. This might be done by training them in various courses, training them to be polite, well dressed and neat, and encouraging them to maintain a welcoming body language.

6) Take note of your visitors’ preferences

To ensure a good customer stay in your hotel, it’s just as crucial to anticipate a guest’s need as it is to respond to it. Knowing and understanding your guests’ choices before the visit enables you to provide a better customer experience in your hotel. You may keep note of the customers’ preferences, dislikes, and demands depending on previous stays as this might guarantee that the guest feels adequately cared for and, as a result, improve the guest stay in your hotel.

7) Provide easy-to-follow signage across the site

One of the most significant hotel elements that help improve customer experience in a hotel has always been signage and thus ascertain that your customers can conveniently navigate the hotel area. Consider yourself a new guest and assess the signage throughout the hotel, for example, in the lift. Writing the signage in their language or utilizing symbols that are easy to grasp can lead to an improved guest stay in your hotel since guests will appreciate being able to find their way around the hotel.

8) Connect with them after they’ve left

When a guest leaves your hotel and returns home, their experience in the hotel does not have to conclude as there are a variety of strategies to keep in touch with previous customers and increase loyalty leading to a better customer service in your hotel. For instance, you may carry out an automatic survey to get feedback from your guests, send relevant offers to the guests or use automated emails to acknowledge special occasions such as guests’ birthdays. Consequently, this will help improve the guest experience in your hotel as it makes them feel allied to your hotel.


28 Oct, 2021