Amenitiz September in Summary | New Features

With the new season, exciting news has arrived from your favourite hotel management software.

Let’s not be caught unprepared, just like the leaves on the trees. Find out how the upcoming season can be made easier for you and how your guests will enjoy the best experience, thanks to Amenitiz!

· Amenitiz’s centralised inbox now supports messaging with both Airbnb and guests for property owners. This direct connection with your guest ensures no messages are lost. Help them when they need it. Activate Amenitiz Inbox for Airbnb now.

· Now you can easily check the first and second name of your guests from one place. This will simplify your management experience and make every operations faster. Available on mobile devices too.

· Important update for Airbnb users: Airbnb will stop supporting the email alias feature on September 30, 2023. But if you have connected Airbnb with Amenitiz you can still communicate with guests through the centralised messaging inbox. Read Airbnb’s update here.

Enhance the Visibility into Price Recommendations

· Remember Amenitiz PriceAdvisor? Now you will have the price recommendations at your fingertips. It will be easier to check competitors’ pricing, occupancy predictions, and historical pricing trends. If you want to make only right decisions, this is the way to go!

· View Amenitiz PriceAdvisor recommendations in the Booking Calendar. Making price adjustments based on property and competitor dynamics is now a snap.

· Do you know all the national and school events in the world? It’s not a problem with Amenitiz: bookmark key upcoming events in your booking calendar. All important dates will be highlighted, with a price suggestion ready to be applied!

Now that you know all the news, you just have to try them out and discover how they can revolutionise your day, increase your occupancy rate, and, of course, your income!

Hurry up. They are waiting for you!