Bed and Breakfast and the digital revolution

Do you own a cottage and / or a bed and breakfast? If so, your future is looking really bright, todays travelers are looking for an great experience and want to connect to the people they meet.

But how to be visible? Logically your first step was to connect to all possible distribution site you could get your hands on. Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, and many others, but that 18% commissions is starting to really put pressure on your business.

If these platforms are so successful, it is obviously thanks to their SEO and notoriety but also thanks to their ultra-intuitive booking process. In a world where your guest want everything now, and don�t want to wait for anything, allowing on-line booking to travelers in less than two minutes is now an obligation.

Travellers are therefore sensitive to Booking�s user-friendliness and use it almost systematically. The problem? Your prices are getting lower and lower unlike those over-increasing commissions.

Yet other alternatives exist. Have you put the right tools in place? Integrated a Booking-Engine? Optimized your website? We help you answer all his questions.

Increase direct booking on my website

This is not a a big surprise, if your website is more than 4 years old, it is completely obsolete, and most travelers run away as soon as they reach your home page, if the website is old and crappy they assume your place is the same. It�s much easier for them to go to the ultra-ergonomic and intuitive distribution sites to find what they want and make their reservation there.

We know that making a website is expensive and that as a small structure you do not necessarily have the means. This is why Amenitiz, a hotel and accommodation specialist, has created a plan just for you. We allows gites, guest houses and bed and breakfasts to have an aesthetic site, ultra-intuitive and with an integrated booking software, without having to spend several thousand euros.


Do you have a booking engine integrated into your website ?

If not, just stop fighting, the battle is already lost � 80% of travelers book online! If you do not have a booking engine integrated into your website, the first reflex of a potential customer will not be to call you (some do, but less than 20%, so you do not have much left ) � This customer who could have booked with you directly saving you from the nasty commission will simply book you on Airbnb, Booking or other. You have just made a nice gift to the distribution sites.

Another fact you should look at is that according to a Google study, 52% of travelers who find you on OTA go to the official website of your property to see who they are dealing with, check photos etc. The problem? 73% of travellers will go back and still book on OTA.

Of course, you will always have reservations through Booking, Airbnb and other OTAs, but wouldn�t getting a little more direct booking and a little less commission be a nice break?

Little trick: Practice lower prices on your website to encourage travelers to book online!

Amenitiz has created a special offer for Bed and Breakfast 


Amenitiz allows small structures to have access to a site with the same level of professionalism as that of a hotel. And if your property already has a brand new website (Kudos to you !), Amenitiz offers a booking software that you can directly integrate to accept reservations of your travelers without relying on channels like Booking.

If your property has less than 10 rooms we will even create the first version of your website for free during the month of July! A site editor allows you to change the pictures, texts and modify it as often as you want.


The channel manager, absolute automation is the beginning of your freedom!

We know that in your establishment, you do EVERYTHING. The mowing, the reception, the rooms, the breakfasts, the grocery shopping, and you are always super busy!

And among the heavy daily tasks, you need to always be available to accept new bookings.

Your life today :

A customer calls you (typical scenario, you are out grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, or driving ) .. Great! he wants to book a room, but you do not have the planning of your availability in front of you � not off to the best start, the customer does not like to wait, but at the same time, it is not your fault, you just can�t do it all! So you call him back, check the availability and add the reservation on your notebook (of course he will need to make a transfer or send you a check, not very practical for your guest when he could have booked on Booking in a couple of clicks).

But the worst part of all this is that for you, it is far from over: you must now connect to each distribution channel on which you are referenced, and manually change the availability of your room. And you connect to Airbnb, then Booking, then Expedia, etc. A mandatory connection to each platform to manage a single planning? Does it not seem absurd, repetitive, and tiring?


Your life after calling this number :

+442033183539 (just because we are 100% digital doesn�t mean we don�t love talking with our customer!)

Same typical case, a customer calls you, you�re shopping, mowing the lawn, or driving your car. This time you receive an email on your mobile phone telling you that a reservation has been made. Great, a new customer!

Next step? None ! The channel manager automatically connects you to Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, and more than 100 potential distribution channels. Yes, yes you understand, when a customer reserves on your site, the availability is directly and automatically updated on all distribution sites. And when a reservation is made at Booking, Expedia or other? Everything is centralized, everything is automated without you even stopped mowing your lawn, shop or drive.