Hotel Online Payment: Discover Amenitiz Pay to Manage and Secure Your Transactions


Nowadays, the hotel industry needs to embrace technology to stay competitive and meet the demands of modern customers. One aspect that hoteliers need to focus on is their payment process. The hotel payment process is a crucial aspect of the customer journey, and any inconvenience or complication can lead to dissatisfied guests and lost business. […]

Introducing Amenitiz PriceAdvisor


We at Amenitiz are proud to present your newest essential tool. With Amenitiz PriceAdvisor, knowing the optimum price at which to sell your rooms is about to get easier. Meet every hotelier’s new tech partner. Its aim is to take a load off you when it comes to the complex business of developing a pricing […]

AmenitizPay: prioritise your time with customers by automating the payments

If you are willing to centralise all your clients payments, no need to look any further as Amenitiz just launched a brand new feature, AmenitizPay. This digital tool allows you to spend less time worrying about your finances so you can prioritise your time to help your clients. The need and use of a payment […]

The Amenitiz Referral Program is live!

We are finally glad to announce our Online Referral Program is live. We worked hard to make it come true so we want to tell you first what the Program is all about and why we believe in it so much! Why a Referral Program? The last few months have been obviously incredibly challenging for […]

Amenitiz: Our green commitment

Climate change is a reality. The impacts are being felt more and more and the risks for property owners, especially those in mountain resorts or near the coast, are real. Companies have an essential role to play in helping our society to transition to low carbon consumption and a sustainable lifestyle. At Amenitiz, we�re committing […]

Create your hotel website with Amenitiz

Today, 80% of travelers search for their hotel on the internet*. Therefore, having an attractive and easy-to-use hotel website is a crucial aspect for any hotelier wishing to acquire more direct bookings. OTAs are the new search engine Did you know that most travelers visit your hotel website right after finding you on an OTA? […]

Créez votre site internet d’hôtel avec Amenitiz

Aujourd’hui, 80% des voyageurs recherchent leur hôtel sur internet*. Avoir un site hôtelier attractif et facile d’utilisation est donc la clé pour les hôteliers souhaitant acquérir plus de réservations directes. Pour que les OTAs deviennent un moteur de recherche Saviez-vous que de nombreux voyageurs visitent votre site d’hôtel après vous avoir trouvé sur un OTA […]