The top 10 best booking systems for hotels in 2024

In the Hospitality industry, going digital is no longer something that’s just nice to have. The majority of bookings are made online through Party services such as or Airbnb. Your guests prefer to book travel on the internet because it is easier, time-saving, and cheaper. 

Travellers love tools like Hotel reservation systems, user-friendly, to find the best deal and reduce the booking process.

Pick the best hotel booking system is the best solution. Why? Because if your guests book directly on your website, you will have a “free commission booking” for you. And now commissions are high.

The best solution is to have a platform with all the key features that you need to get direct bookings. A reservation software, with a booking engine easy to use for guests. So they will arrive on your website and book within a minute, and you will have new direct bookings every day.

Doing good use of this solution, you will upgrade your Hotelier life.
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Top 10 Hotel booking companies

To choose the best hotel booking system for you, you should consider all the key features and services that each of the platforms has. So, here, I leave a list of my top 10 booking systems for hotels. Say goodbye to manual updates, and select the best reservation software. Ready? GO!

#1 - Amenitiz

  • Specialised in the Hotel sector, particularly independent businesses, B&B and rentals.
  • Booking engine integrated with all Amenitiz products Channel Manager, Property Management System.
  • Web-sites Builder easily editable by users (lots of customization options available)
  • No Commission fee.
  • Various plans to choose from.
  • Smarter insights for your bookings are easy to add and read.
  • Supported connection with OTAs, like Google Hotel, Booking, Airbnb, etc 
  • Excellent customer experience thanks to Three-click booking. 
  • Dynamic pricing prompter: Amenitiz PriceAdvisor.
  • Multiple payment possibilities: Amenitiz pay, Paypal, Stripe, etc.
  • Usable from a mobile phone.
  • Customer support for clients.
" Since working with Amenitiz, we’ve seen direct bookings increase from 20% to over 70%. This has significantly improved our business".
Mari Martin-Matthews
Meet Mari Martin-Matthews
B&B Owner

#2 - eZee Reservation

  • Product specialised in the Hoteliers sector.
  • Group bookings.
  • Management of special offers.
  • Booking notes.
  • Activity reservations.

#3 ReservationKey

  • Suitable for the hotel sector and tourist accommodation.
  • Compatible with other programs.
  • OTA integration in the plan. 

#4 Inn Style

  • Specialised for B&Bs and hotels.
  • Management of special offers.
  • Customer support for clients.
  • Booking notes.


  • Suitable for all sectors that take bookings, not specialised for the hotel sector.
  • Online payment.
  • Booking reminders.
  • Calendar syncing.
  • Usable from a mobile phone.

#6 Rezdy

  • Suitable for all sectors that take bookings, not specialised for the hotel sector or tourist accommodation.
  • Customer support.
  • Management of special offers.

#7 InnRoad

  • Product specialised in the hotel sector
  • OTA integration.
  • Management of long-term stays.

#8 Hotelogix

  • Suitable for small and medium hotels as well as hotel chains and beds & breakfasts.
  • No CRM.
  • Online payment.
  • Plan compatible with other programs.
  • OTA integration.

#9 RoomMaster

  • Specialised in the hotel sector.
  • OTA integration.
  • Management of long-term stays.

#10 Beds24

  • Specialised in the hotel sector.
  • Owner statements.
  • Management of payments.
  • Management of contacts.

All those data were taken from booking engine websites and I tried to explore the whole product. Not always it is possible to find every tool and service a user have after purchasing them, but this list should clarify your ideas. 
Now you can pick and choose the best hotel booking system for your business.

FAQ: See more about the best hotel booking systems

Which hotel booking engine is best?

The best hotel booking system is the one that fits better for your needs. Generally speaking, having an All-in-One online solution is the best way to organize your daily tasks. A platform that integrates a Booking engine, a channel manager, a PMS, etc in only one makes your life easier. In order to have a clear vision of all the hotel rooms, and all information about your clients, you need a unique tool for everything you need. Amenitiz is the software that gives you everything.

Is it cheaper to book a hotel directly or through booking com?

On the traveller side, it is cheaper to book directly from the hotel’s website, by calling or sending an e-mail. The hotelier pays a high commission to OTAs such as, so prices on these platforms are higher. On the hotelier’s or tourist accommodation owner’s side, giving the possibility to book from the website is essential to save money. To do this, you need a booking engine integrated into the website, which is easy to use and guarantees the customer a good buying experience. 

What is the best hotel management software?

The best hotel management software is the software that satisfies all your needs. As a hotelier you need to organize and simplify your life the more you can. You need all the information in a unique place, easy to find and read. You need a hotel reservation system that works well. An integrated booking engine on your website to get direct bookings. You need to increase your occupancy rate thanks to a dynamic price prompter. And you need also an online payment method. You need a channel manager to connect your PMS with all the platforms like Airbnb, Booking, etc. An All-in-One software such as Amenitiz can help you with this and much more.

What are the different types of booking systems?

If by ‘booking system’ we refer to the ways in which a tourist accommodation can be reserved, then, there are several Hotel reservation systems available for your hotel or touristic accommodation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of booking systems include:

  1. Direct Booking System: This is a booking system that is managed by your hotel directly. This can be done via phone, email, or through your hotel’s website. This system allows you to have complete control over the booking process and customer data.
  2. Online Travel Agency (OTA) System: OTAs such as and Expedia offer an online platform for customers to book hotel rooms. This system offers a wider reach to potential customers and can help to increase your hotel’s visibility.
  3. Global Distribution System (GDS): GDS is a platform used by travel agents to book flights, hotels, and car rentals. This system can help you to reach a wider audience of travel agents.

It’s important to choose the best hotel booking system that best suits your hotel’s needs and budget. Remember to evaluate the cost, ease of use, and potential impact on your hotel’s revenue and customer satisfaction. Obviously, to have a converting website, you need a booking engine, integrated into your website that allows your clients to book easily and quickly. 

What is the best hotel booking engine software?

The best hotel booking system is the solution that for your structure and needs. The best thing I can suggest to you is to select a hotel booking system completely integrated into your website and connected to other organization tools. This way you will have everything under control and in a unique panel. An All-in-One solution gives you everything you need and is easier to use. These tools have to make your life easier, so check all the characteristics they have and then pick the best for you and your business.