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Create an instagram account for a hotel

9 Oct, 2017

Instagram has become an essential tool to effectively develop your digital communication strategy. If this social network still doesn’t speak to you, it’s a mobile application that allows to easily share photos and videos. Why is it important as a hotel owner to be present on this network and how do you create an account? We are here to guide you through the process!

Why is instagram a must for every hotel?

  • It’s a platform revolving around images, so it’s ideal easily market your hotel
  • Instagram counts more than 400 million active users – it is not hard to imagine the potential
  • Instagram has the highest engagement rate reaching up to 4% (as opposed to a 0.1% for Facebook)
  • You can easily display the entire customer experience sharing photos of your area, establishment, equipment, etc.
  • Hashtags allow you to effectively target specific travellers (Get more in-depth information here: “Which hashtags to use for your hotel”?)


How to create an instagram account for your hotel?

On June 2016, after Facebook’s successful implementation, also Instagram launched its Business Profiles. Please note that the creation of such accounts is entirely free of charge,

First of all, download Instagram from the AppleStore if you own an IOS devices, from Google Play if you own an Android, or from Windows Phone Store if you own Windows Phone.

Once downloaded, open the application and click on Register with an email or phone number, and enter your credentials. Then create a username and password and click on Finish. You will receive a verification code to validate the account.

Alternatively, if you have an existing Facebook account, you can use the latter to create your new Instagram account. Simply click con “Connect with Facebook” and the link will be generated.

Your account is now up and running! It’s time to post your first images / videos and expand your network. If you want to find out more about “what content to post on Instagram for your hotel”, we have a more detailed article explaining that here.

9 Oct, 2017