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Digitizing customer relations : e-concierge services

12 Jun, 2018

In the digital age, the smartphone has become indispensable for everyday tasks. We use it to discuss, to find our way around, to obtain various information …

The e-conciergerie has developed a new application to integrate daily exchanges between travellers and hoteliers. Who has never asked the reception of their hotel for information on places to visit, nearby shops or good addresses? The e-concierge system is precisely the automation of these exchanges. To save time for travellers and hotels alike.

Concierge 2.0: how does it work?

The younger generation, often referred to as the “connected generation” cannot do without their smartphone, and they are not the only ones. This new dependence on mobile phones affects all ages. 92% of travellers use their phones to manage their journeys, according to an MCD study. This new habit has initiated the opening of new markets such as digital concierge services. The idea? No more asking questions at the hotel reception desk by automating all the answers in the same application.

The hotel indicates all the information concerning the hotel as well as that related to the affiliated services (room service, catering, etc.). A few examples:

• Things to do in the area, good addresses, local shops

• Weather information, newspaper kiosk or music playlists

For travellers, the time saved is considerable since they can :

• Make a request to the hotel and receive a personalised response

• Booking or organizing arrivals and departures (flight, train, etc.)

• Request a shuttle from your hotel

• Ordering services

• Allow clients to answer questionnaires

• Book their hotel room

As you will have understood, the application allows you to provide personalized content to meet all the expectations of travelers. A real added value to enhance the traveler experience in your establishment.

Digital concierge services for independent hotels:

For some years now, hotel chains have been equipped with this type of application, which is rapidly expanding in the hotel market. Applications published by, Lounge Up, EDGAR Online Concierge, for example, offer this type of service.

Although these technologies are currently used by hotel chains, others such as GroomService are being adapted to smaller structures, anxious to improve their customer relations and therefore their brand image.

Integrating this technology into your independent hotel would improve the image of your establishment as its use increases customer satisfaction. A tool that can help you build customer loyalty, in addition to getting positive reviews on the Internet.

Beyond traveler satisfaction, these applications can help you increase your average shopping cart, and therefore your revenue. Indeed, they allow you to publish and communicate about all the extras and associated services that your hotel can offer.

We say yes to the e-concierge service, which allows you to considerably improve your customers’ satisfaction and encourage them to publish a favourable opinion. notably thanks to the implementation of an interactive guestbook on which you can comment on the messages left by travellers. This functioning makes it possible not to freeze the relationship, but on the contrary, to maintain it.

Moreover, this type of tool can be a real trigger for connected travellers who appreciate saving time and finding answers to their questions.

Not to mention that, for your establishment, e-concierge services allow your staff to be less solicited and to concentrate on more essential tasks.

12 Jun, 2018