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Get your hotel rating

3 Sep, 2019

Following the reform on the referentials of tourist residences, Atout France has set up a new interface of the site to simplify the steps to be taken to obtain the classification of its establishment. This new platform allows a total dematerialization of procedures and formalities. From now on, hoteliers will be able to carry out all procedures online. Today, the ranking of an establishment has become an important element in an increasingly competitive sector. Follow all our tips if you want to get the ranking of your hotel.

Why would we have his establishment classified?

Having your establishment classified is an optional step, but it can be a determining factor in the choice of some travellers. Indeed, obtaining a classification requires compliance with precise specifications according to the number of stars the hotelier claims to have. Several points are included such as the surface area of the rooms, the services offered or the equipment available. Thus, grading ensures a certain level of quality and comfort. It’s a real landmark for the traveler. He is sure to find an establishment that meets his expectations and will not have any unpleasant surprises on arrival.

For the hotelier, the attribution of a classification allows him to benefit from some advantages. First of all, it is a real gain in credibility with travellers. Getting stars is seen as a sign of recognition. It is also an excellent comparative advantage, allowing the hotelier to stand out from its unranked competitors. In addition, ranking can help hoteliers to attract foreign guests who, out of caution, tend to turn to ranked hotels to avoid disappointment upon arrival. In the long term, the establishment benefits from better visibility.

The step to follow 

If a hotelier wishes to have his establishment classified, he must follow the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Register online. On the Atout France platform, the hotelier must complete a pre-diagnosis of his establishment.

Step 2: Plan the control visit. The hotelier is invited to arrange a meeting with an agency accredited by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee).

Step 3: Carry out the control visit. Following this visit, the hotelier receives within 15 days the decision of the organization, a favorable or unfavorable opinion. Be careful, if the hotel claims to be 4 or 5 stars, a mystery visit takes place before the committee’s inspection.

Step 4: Apply for ranking online. This must be done within 3 months of receipt of the accreditation agency’s decision.

Step 5: Assignment of ranking. Atout France issues the hotel’s classification order within one month. The ranking is published on the platform that references all the classified establishments.

A constant investment by the hoteliers

Once the rating has been issued, the hotelier must affix a plaque indicating the number of stars obtained and the year in which they were awarded. The display of this sign is mandatory for all classified establishments. The hotelier can also highlight its ranking in communication media, in particular by mentioning it on its website. Another obligation for the operator of the establishment is the posting of service tariffs. Prices must be indicated in the rooms, restaurant rooms and at the reception.

Although the classification of a hotel is valid for 5 years, the hotelier must not neglect the maintenance of his establishment. Indeed, the awarding of a classification requires a regular investment on the part of the operator in order to remain in line with the specifications. In the event of negligence and failure to comply with the conditions imposed by the assessment scale, the establishment may be struck off the list and its operator may be fined EUR 15 000. If the hotelier ensures good maintenance, he can apply for a renewal of his classification after 5 years.

Today, the classification reference system is updated every 5 years so that hotels can adapt to the latest market trends. This is why the classification criteria evolve over time to meet the new expectations of travellers. The latest reform, which came into force on 1 July, placed the emphasis on the means of communication. Increasingly connected, travelers need access to unlimited wireless connectivity during their stay.

3 Sep, 2019