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Hospitality : France part 1

3 Dec, 2019

The “customer is king” – this motto is truer than ever in the hotel industry. The high level of competition and the multiplication of offers oblige professionals to always remain attentive to the needs of travellers.

It is essential to know what irritates these travellers and what are the imperatives that should not be overlooked.

Those little things that annoy French travellers : 

  • Unstable connection (annoys 40% of French people)
  • Faulty room access cards (annoys 28% of French people)
  • Waiting too long for a request (annoys 16% of the French)
  • Having reduced access to cable channels (annoys 5%)
  •  Lack of electricity in the rooms (15% of the energy consumption).
  • Breakfast times are often too early in the morning

The imperatives not to be neglected any more

41% of travellers prefer to book online

Consumer trends have changed. Having a website is a must for hotels. But it is also becoming essential for them to have a booking engine on this site. The booking engine must be intuitive, design and allow a reservation in three clicks.

A recent Google survey shows us that 41% of respondents book directly on the hotel website. This desire to book on hotel websites is very real but it is opposed to a reality that is that of OTAs. Indeed 29% of them book on OTAs such as or Expedia.

It is therefore more important than ever for hotels to promote their booking engine and the offer it proposes on their site. This valuation of a different offer is now possible since the end of the tariff parity. The hotelier must provide clear and competitive offers on its website. All of this is completed with the right integrated booking engine.

Travel agencies are no longer popular…

Only 11% of respondents say they use travel agencies to book their holidays. The relationship with the customer, the loyalty and the link are therefore created via the websites. It is both the interface but also the first link with the customer. He must therefore be a salesperson but also and above all offer high-performance tools to guarantee the best customer experience.

3 Dec, 2019