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Hotel technology is coming to independent hotels

20 Aug, 2019

In the digital age, technology has taken an important place in all sectors, including the hotel industry. Some major hotel chains are nowadays at the cutting edge of technology. They have integrated ultra-developed innovations such as e-concierge services or robot butlers. These technologies are not suitable for the needs of independent institutions. The use of technology remains essential in an increasingly connected world, but digital tools adapted to the type of institution must be identified.

Hotel distribution system

Travel industry specialist Phocuswright has conducted a study on the integration of hotel technologies in small facilities. According to the results, distribution systems are the most used, with 63% of hoteliers having already implemented this solution. With travellers increasingly connected, it is essential for owners to offer online booking through direct and indirect channels.

OTAs are a solution for marketing your rooms online. Thanks to their reputation, your establishment will be visible to travellers from all over the world. However, a commission is charged on each booking, which can be costly in the long term for small organisations. This is why more and more hoteliers are deciding to create their own website with an integrated booking engine. Travellers can book directly on the establishment’s website, the hotelier retrieves the information from the traveller and no commission is charged.

If you decide to market your rooms on several distribution channels, it is strongly advised to use a channel manager. This tool allows you to centralize all your reservations on a single platform. You can pay the rates displayed on each OTA via the platform. No more overbooking problems, availabilities are updated in real time.

Hotel management systems

A hotel management system is a set of tools used by hoteliers to facilitate the execution of certain tasks related to the management of their establishment. On the same interface, the hotelier has access to several functionalities: rate setting, registration of arrivals and departures, invoicing, a schedule to manage room maintenance, a dashboard with indicators on the hotel’s activity but also a booking calendar. This technology, based on the cloud, allows access to all this information from any medium. The hotelier can remotely manage the different parameters.

However, today these systems are underused in independent establishments. According to the survey conducted by Phocuswright, only 37% of owners have hotel management software. Small infrastructures do not recognize the usefulness of this service because they do not need all the functionality. The price may also scare some who prefer to manage these tasks manually. This can be a real waste of time for hoteliers. We must not forget that this profession is based on hospitality. Today, management systems have evolved considerably. There are solutions adapted for each type of establishment whatever its budget or size.

The difficulties in integrating theses technologies 

Although there are digital tools adapted to small structures, it is noted that the adoption of hotel technologies can be difficult for some owners. The results of the Phocuswright study reveal the main obstacles that hoteliers may face. For half of them, the major problem is the cost of the systems. Independent establishments do not have the same budget as large hotel groups. The use of these technologies is a real financial investment. The second obstacle mentioned by homeowners is the lack of time to consider the various options available to them. This difficulty can be paradoxical, as these systems were created to facilitate the management of the establishment and save time for hoteliers.

Few owners mentioned technical problems in implementing these solutions. This proves that hotel technology has evolved, is accessible to all and is easy to install. To solve the price problem, economic versions have appeared on the market to adapt to small structures. Amenitiz has developed a complete solution that brings together all the essential tools, from distribution to the management of your hotel. The cost of this system is calculated according to the number of rooms in order to make the service accessible to all. Request a demonstration of our product now via the form.

Today, digital tools are accessible to all types of structures. These systems will be indispensable in the next few years, saving time and energy. As a hotelier, it is important to stay on top of the latest technologies that will allow you to make the difference with your competitors. Although it represents a significant investment, the implementation of management systems will have a significant impact on your long-term results.

20 Aug, 2019