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How do I analyse the SEO of my hotel’s website?

3 Apr, 2018

In our article, How to analyze the SEO of my hotel’s website, we will come back to what SEO is and we will present different tools to establish an SEO diagnosis of its site.


Natural referencing, more generally called SEO for ‘Seach Engine Optimization’ aims to optimize your rank in the results obtained during a search engine query. Of course, the better your site is referenced, the more visitors you will get.

Natural referencing in 2017 :

• 90% of visits come from a search engine,

• 75% of Internet users start their purchasing process on a search engine,

• 90% of clicks on the Google search engine are on the first page of results,

• 70% of Internet users ignore sponsored search results and visit natural results.

It is therefore essential for every hotel owner to carry out a diagnosis of the referencing of his website. In addition, the visits generated by natural referencing represent potential sales over the long term. Indeed, these visits do not result from the advertising and communication budget, only from the optimization of referencing.

So let’s take a look at the free tools that allow you to diagnose your search engine optimization.

Diagnostic tools for referencing :

These tools will allow to set up a real strategy by focusing on the elements of the website that search engines prioritize.

Because of Google’s dominant position in the search engine sector (80.5% according to Net Market Share), it is interesting to rely on the tools made available by the American company.

Google search console

The Google Search Console tool is a real gold mine in terms of resources. It is suitable for non-specialists in the field, making it an extremely powerful and suitable tool. It will help the hotelier understand the basics of how the Google search engine works. This tool will allow you to know the keywords of your website that the Google robots examine. The hotelier will then be able to modify his keywords so that they are relevant to the potential searches carried out by the guests.

Google trends

In order to determine the most relevant keywords, the hotelier can use Google Trends. This tool makes it possible to know what visitors are typing when searching, according to their geographical location and language. The system is simple to use, just type in a keyword to find out its popularity and frequency on search engines. Within the framework of a hotel website, it will be possible to do this work according to the languages of the site in order to know the relevant keywords for each language.

Check my links

Also the Check My Links tool is interesting if the pages of the website contain external or internal links. It can detect faulty links.

3 Apr, 2018