How do i contact influencers for my hotel ?

In our article Instagram Influencers and Your Hotel, we explained who these new communicators are and the role they can play in your hotel’s communication.

Today, through this second part, we share with you how to establish with them an interesting partnership for your hotel.

What makes a good influencer for your hotel?

He’s simply an influencer who looks like you. A personality who has a universe in tune with that of your establishment.

Each instagrammer has a very specific audience. Some will transmit through the social network a family atmosphere, others a very luxurious environment, etc.

So target a personality and a universe that is totally in tune with your establishment.

Example: your hotel is a mountain hotel and receives many sportsmen and women who take part each year in courses and competitions? Favour a sports profile, who is used to sharing with his community good plans in line with the theme of sport and nature.

What offer to make to an instagram influencer?

You need to define a precise offer. Offer them a stay that resembles the ones they usually post on the social network and think about what you want to ask them for in exchange.

In addition to Instagram, all these influencers also have a Snapchat account (these are ephemeral videos posted several times a day by these personalities). You can then offer them a “pack” to get more visibility.

Example: Offer them a three-night stay with access to the spa for two people, and ask them in exchange to post an Instagram post identifying your establishment and a short video on Snapchat. For him, it doesn’t make much difference, but for you it’s more subscribers discovering you.

Also think about what you want to show of your hotel. Do you prefer to enhance the rooms or your spa? It’s up to you to guide the influencer on the type of post you expect.

Some influencers, in addition to the stay offered, wish to be paid, true or false? Totally true, it’s up to you to see if this is part of the communication budgets your hotel can afford. We will always advise you to be quite firm about the conditions you have set yourself, and to generally only offer two nights in your hotel, without extra payment. This is a very pleasant offer for the influencer and already implies a nice budget for your establishment. 

How to contact influencers?

To appeal to them, nothing could be simpler. First of all, follow the influencer you are interested in on all his social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Like a few photographs so that he can spot you.

Option 1: he identifies you and contacts you. The exchange is then obviously easier since it is finally he who solicits you.

Option 2 : no return from him, not even a little like on one of your photos? Don’t worry, influencers are ultra-solicited, and just because they don’t come to you naturally doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Then look at their bio (example below), they indicate most of the time an e-mail where to contact them.

If you don’t have an e-mail address, simply send them a private message via Insta directly. Remember that to send a private message, you must first follow the influencer’s Instagram account. 

In the end, and you will have understood it, contacting instagrammers requires first of all a research time. Once you have identified the interesting profiles for your hotel, find a suitable offer that appeals to them as much as it suits you.

Last little clicks, a simple and efficient email sent, and that’s it! All you have to do is wait for an answer from him, and above all, don’t hesitate to ask him again!