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How to attract long-stay business travelers in your hotel ?

5 Oct, 2017

Does your hotel mainly attract business travelers? If your desire is to foster a clientele of long-term business travelers, it is important to understand who they are and what their needs are. Setting up the right amenities is the key to acquiring and retaining this customer base.

The profile of the long-term business traveler in 2017

Above all, you must study your target and identify what the needs of these travelers are. We tell you more about the profile of these business travelers:

For the man, we can see it’s mostly executives in their forties, the female on the other side are dynamic Y Generation member, and mostly travel within the country. What do the two profiles have in common? They are looking for a hotel with the right amenities which will make their work trip as easy as possible.

What are long-terms travellers looking for:

A great bedding is the most important, on a work trip you need to be rested !

WI-FI! A good connection is essential for Skype and other tools that they use for work but also to be able to communicate easily with their family. (56% of business travelers indicate that the availability and speed has an impact on the choice of their hotel. (Source Expedia / Egencia)

Ultra-accessible shuttles / taxis from the hotel (Over 45% are looking for easier access to transport, especially for women (more than 50%). (Source Study conducted by Adagio)

Dry-cleaning. Business travelers don’t want to travel with oversized suitcase, and will need to clean their clothes.

A dedicated workspace. No need for much space, a small office space will suffice but is essential. No business traveler wants to work with his computer on his lap, do not forget it!

A businessman is in a hurry. He must know in less than a minute that he can have a WI-FI debit, a dry cleaning service and shuttles, and a desk in his room.

Your website should very clearly outline that you offer all those advantages and more, business travelers don’t have much time to pick a hotel, so easy access to information is key ! The home page of your hotel’s website must be very clear and the amenities you offer must be ultra-visible. We advise you to work with a system of icons for simplicity.

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5 Oct, 2017