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How to create a great facebook page for your hotel?

25 Sep, 2017

As a hotel owner, it is impossible today not to have a strong presence on social medias, especially on Facebook. Facebook is a great channel not only to acquire new guest but also to create loyalty with your recurring ones. In France, Mark Zuckerberg’s company claims more than 40 million monthly active users, a lot of potential clients. Today, we’ll show you all the steps to create a facebook page adapted to your hotel.


How to choose a great name for your hotel’s facebook page

Choosing a good name is no easy feat, it will not only be useful for current clients for also for potential new ones, therefore you need to put a couple keywords in there ! Quick example: If your hotel is called Gregorio, it is important to put yourself in the place of the end user searching for your hotel. Facebook search is a lot like google, keyword orientated, so don’t forget to include a couple, a Facebook page named “Hotel le Gregorio” will attract more traffic than simply calling it “le Gregorio”.


Dress up your facebook pages with great visuals

The first thing potential customers will see when they reach your page are pictures, they have to immediately make the user feel at home, and transmit the right kind of message. Whether it is an image or a video, 90% of informations sent to the brain are visuals ones, so making a great first impressions is as easy as picking the rights images !

Our advice? You could use you logo as a profile picture and use the cover to showcase what your user are looking for, are you a business hotel, why not showcase your rooms, while a resort hotel will get great results showing the pool or a private beach. Always show your guest what they are looking for ! If you can, a video is a nice touch and will allow you to showcase different part of your hotel at once.

The facebook page of Gaylord Opryland is a great example of both a perfect cover and profile picture.


How to fill the description of your hotel’s facebook page

Now that you have hooked your potential clients with beautiful images, it’s time to close them with your descriptions. The best ? Be direct, on Facebook people are looking for as much information with as little effort as they can, they will be looking for a short descriptions featuring the key advantages they will get by staying at your hotel, why you are worth the money, as well as your address and a link to your website where they will be able to finalise their booking ( make sure your website will convert them otherwise you are wasting your time and efforts). Do not waste their time !

Congratulations, you can now create your first post! If you need advice what to post, fear no, we will tell you everything next week !.

In the meantime, head to Amenitiz where you will be able to create your conversion orientated website in a couple of clicks !

25 Sep, 2017