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How to discretely obtain your customers e-mail address ?

14 Nov, 2017

With the ever increasing predominance of OTAs during the booking process, hoteliers are often deprived of important client information such as their email address. In order to foster the bond created before, during and after a client’s stay it is imperative to collect all their credentials. Here are 3 simple ways to retrieve your customers’ e-mail in a clever and non-intrusive way.

1 – If the client reserved through an OTA 

Upon their arrival at your establishment, clients identify themselves with a personal document. This is enough for you to find his/her reservation. However, customer are unaware of how a hotel system actually works. Here, is where you can ask them to provide you with the email address they used to make the reservation in order to find them on the system…As simple as that. You’ve got your e-mail in less than two minutes in a natural and spontaneous way.

In our opinion, this is the best way to retrieve the address of a customer who has not booked directly through you. It must be a reflex at the reception, because it has to be done during the check-in.

2 – If customers reserve via phone

Again, really simple and perfectly natural. At the end of the phone call ask for the e-mail address in order to send the booking confirmation. This will always reassure your future client, who will be more than happy to share his/her details.

3 – If the front office forgot to recover the e-mail address with the first 2 methods

If this is the case, you have one more option to easily retrieve you client’s e-mail. As the customer passes by the reception to check-out, ask him if he/she had a good stay, and ask them to confirm their e-email address in order to send the invoice. Once again, the client will naturally share his/her email information without feeling intruded or bothered by the request.

Once you retrieve the email address you will be able to easily retain your customers with a few simple steps explained here. Enjoy your reading!

14 Nov, 2017