Inspiration : 3 innovations that make life easier for hoteliers

Technological innovations are affecting and disrupting many sectors. The evolution of society has given birth to new needs and new desires. These innovations are created to meet their new needs. The hospitality sector is subject to more and more innovations. They facilitate the lives of hoteliers and professionals alike, but also that of the customer. Today customer and hotel expectations revolve around three major pillars:

– Digital: the digitalization of consumption patterns is forcing hoteliers as well as travellers to focus more on the digital side.

– The price: the saturation of the hotel market linked to the multiplication of offers has given way to stiff competition. This competition has a real impact on the price of the services. Moreover, it is necessary for hoteliers to create the best offer at the best price. In accordance with the demand of travellers. Travellers are looking for deals, good plans, also they are always looking for ways to save money.

– Respecting social norms: Respect for social norms: Social norms and trends are the �guides� of our societies. All business sectors are constrained and guided by these standards. But the �human� sectors are even more so. Just like the hospitality industry is obligated to take them into account within every action. No missteps can be committed. It is now inconceivable for many consumers to turn to a product or service that does not fit their social norms and trends. On the contrary, the initiatives that go in this direction are more and more valued and the hoteliers are aware of it.

Kitro : an initiative that helps reduce the food waste of hotels

Kitro was born from the desire of two women to reduce food waste in hotels. Noami and Anastasia are two graduates of the Ecole H�teli�re de Lausanne. During their courses, they got to know about the industrial amounts of spoiled food in the hospitality industry.

What is Kitro ? It�s a connected scale on which you put your trash. The scale weighs the discarded food then analyzes the type of waste so it can provide you with a number indicating how much money was lost on this spoiled food.

This analysis is a tool for hotels to control their waste by making the right decisions during the purchasing phase.

This initiative combines the three pillars of customer expectations and hotels. Once again, we are confronted with digital technology. The price is also in question because whoever says saving money on food says lowering prices on food purchasing and therefore lower prices on food catering and services. Finally, the question of social norms and trends is also visible through waste.


Amenitiz was born two years ago, following the initiative of Alexandre Guinefolleau, alumnus of the Ecole H�teli�re de Lausanne. His wish: to simplify the digital to give total control to hoteliers. Amenitiz.

what is it ? Amenitiz offers a turnkey digital solution for all tourist accommodation from bed and breakfast to hotels, villas and lodgings. This solution comes in 3 axes.

� Website creation as well as natural referencing (SEO): A website builder, specialized and exclusive to the hotel industry. Websites that adapt to all types of screens present on the current and future market, thanks to its an evolving technology that prevents sites from becoming obsolete too quickly. Finally, h�teliers have full control over their websites. This very intuitive technology allows even novices in technology to manage their website.

� An integrated booking engine: Modern and intuitive booking system that adapts perfectly to the website and to its customer needs, making it possible to book on smartphone, tablet and computer. The reservation is made in three steps without having to leave the website.

� The channel manager: Available for 120 channels. The calendar centralizes, synchronizes and updates the reservations of your different platforms. No more risk of overbooking. Amenitiz also meets the three pillars of consumers/travellers. By proposing an inexpensive digital solution, that fights the giants of online booking (OTAs) by giving the tourist accommodations the power over their businesses. Which also allows them to offer customers a better price via direct booking.


Born from the sincere belief that we will not work tomorrow as we were working yesterday, Badakan is an application that revolutionizes the search for work in the hospitality and restaurant business.

What is BADAKAN ? An application that connects hotel and restaurant professionals instantly with restaurants and hotels with temporary jobs or tasks. Candidates are selected and validated following a particular process. Badakan is a fully functioning app that includes mission tracking, scoring, payments, contracts, invoices, �

This incentive again falls within the framework of the 3 pillars by taking into account the social change with the issue of temporary and periodic employment. The digital here is an application. And the question of price because it saves HR lots of time and we are all aware of this, and it is even more true in these professions. Time is money!