Maximising Your Earnings: Discover The Best Way To Receive Online Payment For Your Hotel

I think we can all agree that nowadays you cannot do without online payments. The only justification for not having an online payment system belong to the farmer you buy your eggs from! Everyone else, like it or not, has to adapt to today’s world if they want to be competitive in the market.

Accepting online payments is essential for any hotel to be successful and be appreciated by customers, who can easily pay for your rooms from all over the world. Choosing the best way to receive payment online can be a daunting task, as there are numerous options available in the market. In this article, we will explore the different online payment methods available and help you select the best one for your hotel. 

The cheapest and safest way to accept online payments is through a payment gateway that charges a reasonable fee per transaction and offers robust security measures. Payment gateways act as a bridge between your hotel’s website and the customer’s payment information. They encrypt and securely transmit the payment information to your hotel’s bank account.

PayPal is a popular payment gateway that offers low transaction fees and a user-friendly interface. It also provides seller protection against fraudulent transactions, making it a safe option for small and medium-sized hotels.

Stripe is another payment gateway that charges competitive rates and offers advanced fraud prevention measures, such as two-factor authentication and machine learning algorithms. It also integrates with various shopping carts and software platforms, making it easy to implement.

If you want to know more about how to secure payments for you and for the people that want to come to your accommodations, check the blog article Secure Your Transactions: Ways to Receive Online Payments for your Hotel

How to implement online payment on a hotel's website?

Discover how to set up payment on the website

Firstly, let me say that this is a great idea. Every hospitality business – hotels, B&Bs or short rentals – should have an integrated online payment system on their website to make life easy for their customers because convenience is one of the main factors that influence conversion rate. In a few clicks, your future customers will book on your website. So, as you can see, this is a big pro for a hotel because it is a great way to obtain direct booking, which is clean money in your pocket because they are commissions free. One of your goals as an independent business person should be to be able to gain clients also without OTAs. 

Implementing online payment on your hotel’s website requires a few steps, such as selecting a payment gateway, integrating it with your website, and testing the payment process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a payment gateway that fits your needs and budget, like Amenitiz’s Website Builder.
  2. Integrate the payment gateway with your website. 
  3. Customize the payment page to match your hotel’s branding and provide clear instructions to customers on how to complete the payment process. Amenitiz provides full integration with your website.
  4. Test the payment process by placing a test order and verifying that the payment is processed correctly and securely.

The best way to take and receive online payments: find the solution for you!

Find the best online payment system option: taking payments with a credit card, Google Pay, debit card, etc.


The impact of Covid-19 has played its part in the game, but electronic payments, contactless payments and online purchases are the order of the day – some would say the majority. The percentage increases day by day because the prices are often advantageous for customers. For businesses like hotels or accommodations, actually, it is a good thing, because that means that customers from all over the world can be able to buy a room. So what are you waiting for? Read down here and choose the best way to receive payment online. 

1- Amenitiz Pay:

  • Online payment platform designed for hotels and holiday rentals
  • Provides a simple and secure payment experience for both hoteliers and customers
  • Allows businesses to manage all their reservations and payments in one place
  • Offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Accept several payment methods from Debit and Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bank transfers, too
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile version to work from wherever and whenever you want
  • Schedule and automate payments 
  • Partner of Stripe, a payment option that increases security
  • Integrates with Amenitiz‘s other hotel management tools, such as PMS and Channel Manager

Enhance your Payments operation and get more direct bookings!

  • Get more direct bookings: Allow your clients to confirm their stay and pay on your website. If clients cannot easily book through your website, they may turn to an online reservation portal 
  • Avoid errors and disputes: Centralise all the payments in one place automatically. Manually retrieving payment information is time-consuming, prone to errors, and increases the risk of fraud.
  • Automate back-office operations: Make your daily operation more efficient, smooth your check-in and check-out, increase customer satisfaction and focus on the management of your property

2- Stripe:

  • A payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online payments
  • Offers fraud prevention measures, such as two-factor authentication and machine learning algorithms
  • Stripe accepts Google Pay, transfers from bank accounts, and debit cards as payment methods.
  • Provides reporting and analytics to help businesses track their transactions
  • Charge a per-transaction fee and no monthly fees 

3- PayPal:

  • PayPal offers buyer and seller protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Accept Google Pay, transfers from bank accounts, and debit cards as payment methods.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for customers to make payments
  • Integrates with various e-commerce platforms and shopping carts
  • PayPal offers competitive pricing with a per-transaction fee and no monthly fees for basic accounts

4- Square:

  • Square is a payment platform that provides businesses with a range of payment solutions, including online payments
  • Accepts Google Pay as a payment method and also allows businesses to accept payments via bank transfers or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments
  • Offers some hardware and software tools for businesses to accept payments in-person and online
  • Provides fraud prevention measures, such as machine learning algorithms and real-time monitoring
  • Offers detailed reporting and analytics to help businesses track their transactions
  • Integrates with various e-commerce platforms and software tools

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How to accept credit card payments online?

As I said in the article, accepting credit card payments online is essential for your hotel to improve convenience for their customers and streamline their payment processes. To do this, businesses can use payment service providers that offer secure and easy-to-use payment options. These payment service providers allow customers to pay for their rooms directly online using their credit cards, making the payment process more efficient and convenient. Accepting credit card payments online can increase your revenue and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, it is decisive for hoteliers to find the best way to receive payment online, by choosing the payment service provider that best suits their needs and offers the most convenient payment options for their customers. 

Accepting online payments is the best way to receive payment online from your website, which must have an integrated booking engine to allow you to have more and more direct bookings. Finding the best hotel booking engine for your business should be one of your priorities.