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Revolutionise Your Hotel Operation by Discovering the 2023’s Best Hotel Management Software for Hotels

Marina Miceli

24 May, 2023

Your life should be just as full of satisfaction as it is full of responsibilities, right? You can organise all your activities including your revenue and say goodbye forever to a certain type of headache by simple adding the correct software to your arsenal.
If you are looking for the best hotel management software for hotel for the first time, or you want to test the ground to change your current one, you are in the right place. 

In this article I will:

  • Give you an explanation as to what a hotel management system is
  • List all the benefits you will have thanks to this user-friendly software
  • Provide a list of the best hotel management software for hotels with their key features

All you have to do is read the article and choose the software that will revolutionise your life and allow you to dedicate yourself fully to your customers.

What Software System do Hotels Use?

What is a PMS – Revenue or Property Management Systems in Hotels?

A Property Management System (PMS) for hotels is a type of hotel management software that is designed to streamline and automate the day-to-day operations of a hotel. It serves as a central hub for managing all aspects of hotel operations, including guest reservations, room inventory, housekeeping schedules, billing and payments, reporting, and more.

Hotel management software – a PMS for example – helps hotel managers to efficiently and effectively manage their hotel operations by providing real-time data and insights, reducing the risk of overbooking, automating routine tasks, and improving guest satisfaction. With a PMS, hotel staff can easily manage reservations, check-ins and check-outs, room availability.

Additionally, hotel management software can integrate with other systems, such as online booking engines, revenue management tools, channel manager, etc. to provide a seamless experience for guests and staff alike. This integration allows for better management of room rates, inventory, and availability, helping hotel owners to maximise revenue and improve profitability.

Overall, a Property Management System is an essential tool for hotels of all sizes, as it helps to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide better guest experiences.

Keep reading the article to know all the necessary features and to chose which is the best hotel management software for your hotel

What benefits does hotel management software give you?

Save money and time

Firstly, as we already mentioned, hotel management software, such as a Property Management System (PMS), can help you to save time streamline your day-to-day operations, save money, automate routine tasks, and manage your hotel more efficiently.

Avoid overbooking

With a PMS, you can manage all aspects of your hotel operations from one central location, including guest reservations, room inventory, billing and payments, reporting, and more. This streamlines the entire process and reduces the likelihood of overbooking or errors, which can lead to increased guest satisfaction.

Increase Occupancy

This software can also help you to improve your revenue management by providing real-time data and insights. In fact, by capturing guest data and preferences, a PMS can provide insights into guest behaviour, allowing you to tailor their services and offerings to meet their guests’ needs and preferences.

To recap, a software like this can help you to improve your operations, increase your revenue, and provide better guest experiences.

So, chose the best hotel management software for your hotel it’s a serious business, it’s not magic, but it can give to your operations a real boost.

What benefits does a hotel management software give the clients?

A hotel management software can offer several benefits to clients, including:

1. Faster check-in and check-out: With a hotel management software, clients can enjoy a faster check-in and check-out process, which saves time and minimises the waiting period. 

2. Personalised services: it stores guest data, allowing the hotel staff to offer personalised services such as room preferences, amenities, and special requests. 

3. Increased security: it can store guest information securely and reduce the risk of data breaches or identity theft.

4. Expedited communication: Clients can easily communicate with hotel staff through the software, whether it is for room service requests or general enquiries.

Moreover, it can enhance the client experience, providing a more streamlined and efficient stay.

Which is the best hotel management software used in Hospitality industry to manage bookings?

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  • Specifically designed for small to medium-sized independent hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and boutique hotels
  • As is part of an All-in-One solution, is connected with a Channel Manager, a Booking Engine, a Dynamic Price Tool, etc
  • Offers a 360-degree view of all aspects of your property, from finances to inventory
  • Allows for managing room allocation and access to guest information from the same dashboard
  • Efficient payment management with the ability to quickly view payment status
  • Ability to track current invoices or send invoices to clients
  • Accounting and tax reports in one click.
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  • Can assist hotels, lodges, vacation rentals, chalets, campsites, inns, and holiday homes
  • Mobile functionality includes electronic signature capture, mobile booking engine, and housekeeping reports
  • Software installation is difficult if IT skills are limited
  • Pricing available upon request


  • Cloud-based hotel management solution suitable for small to medium-sized hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, and B&Bs
  • Allows for configuring taxes, fees, or policies to apply
  • Includes a property management system, booking engine, channel manager with over 300 connections, and revenue management tool


  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Automated Messaging to clients and a unified Inbox
  • Task Management for the staff
  • Revenue Management tool
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Offers a complete solution for hotel management
  • Prices are quite affordable for small and medium-sized structures
  • Many customers complain about the follow-up and customer service, which is not necessarily up to par
  • Problems with payments and withdrawals are also frequently mentioned

Benefits of choosing an All-in-One solution like Amenitiz

Choosing an All-In-One solution can be beneficial for several reasons. An All-In-One solution refers to a comprehensive hotel management software that provides a complete set of tools and features to manage various aspects of hotel operations, all in a single integrated platform.

One advantage of an All-In-One solution is that it can save time and reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase, integrate and maintain multiple software solutions. You can manage everything in one.

An All-In-One solution can improve data accuracy and consistency across the different aspects of hotel operations.

Furthermore, an All-In-One solution can provide a holistic view of hotel operations, enabling hoteliers to make better-informed decisions.

Finally, an All-In-One solution can help hoteliers provide a better guest experience by enabling staff to access guest information and preferences across different areas of the hotel, such as front desk, housekeeping, and room service. This can help staff to provide personalised and seamless service to guests, leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Marina Miceli

24 May, 2023